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Zones Landscaping Specialists

Zones is a specialist in outdoor and indoor landscaping. Meet the key members of the Zones team.


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Person - Judd and Ramona Stratful

Judd and Ramona Stratful - Rodney, Auckland

Region: Rodney, Auckland
Zones Landscaping Specialists: Judd and Ramona Stratful

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Person - Glen and Tracey Barker

Glen and Tracey Barker - North Shore, Auckland

Region: North Shore, Auckland
Zones Landscaping Specialists: Glen and Tracey Barker

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Person - Shane Woonton

Shane Woonton - Queenstown/Wanaka/Clutha

Region: Queenstown/Wanaka/Clutha
Zones Landscaping Specialists: Shane Woonton & Lian Woonton

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Person - Kate Ryan

Kate Ryan - Auckland Central

Region: Auckland Central
Zones Landscaping Specialist: Kate Ryan

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Person - Wayne and Anna Gordon

Wayne and Anna Gordon - Manawatu

Region: Manawatu
Zones Landscaping Specialists: Wayne Gordon, Brian Taylor
Staff: Brian Taylor

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Person - Chris and Joel Johnston

Chris and Joel Johnston - Canterbury

Region: Canterbury
Zones Landscaping Specialists: Chris and Joel Johnston

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Person - Leah Huang and Gary Guo

Leah Huang and Gary Guo - Waikato

Region: Waikato
Zones Landscaping Specialists: Leah Huang and Gary Guo

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Person - Stuart and Debbie Gill

Stuart and Debbie Gill - Franklin

Region: Franklin
Zones Landscaping Specialists: Stuart and Debbie Gill

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