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Landscaping advice

We’ve put together a useful library of articles that share advice on outdoor renovations and landscaping projects.   However it’s not possible to convey everything on a web-site so please get in touch with us for further advice, assistance or to discuss your project.

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Plant article – How to use Karaka in your garden

How to use Karaka in your garden

When landscaping designs demand a leafy canopy tree, the native Karaka can be the perfect solution. And, while the glossy, dark green, leathery leaves are easily recognisable, it’s the bunches of brilliant orange fruit that make Karaka stand-out.

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Article – Covering outer space

Covering outer space

Don’t completely write-off your outdoor space for the cooler months. There are many ways that will make it last and feel comfortable for all types of weather. Here is just one option – outdoor area coverage – where we provide ideas and get estimated costs on shelter for your landscape design.

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Plant article – ‘English Box’  plant and care instructions

‘English Box’: planting and care instructions

When it’s dense green foliage, slow growth rate and ability to withstand close clipping, Buxus sempervirens or English Box has been a favourite for hedges and topiary for centuries.

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Article – Stacked, clean and green

Stacked, clean and green

In our increasingly dense urban environments a home design such as this foliage-rich stacked dwelling in Vietnam offers some clever ideas on how we can create a spacious, cost-effective and ecologically symbiotic living area on a limited terrain.

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Article - Kids vegetable gardens

Kids vegetable gardens

There’s simply no better way of getting your kids to develop a love of vegetables than by growing their own. By seeing their seedlings spring to life and the fruits of their labour flourish, they will learn to experience the joy of munching on them too. This simple plan will help kick those little muddy thumbs into action.

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Article – Underfoot

Under foot

‘Solid composite decking’ and ‘porcelain stoneware pavers’ are the latest buzzwords when it comes to low-maintenance, long-wearing outdoor flooring solutions. Here’s why they are all the rage.

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Article - Xeriscapes


With recreation time at a premium and a growing global concern for the supply of water, savvy gardeners are adopting Xeriscaping principles into every zone of their landscape design.

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Article – Country style gardens

Country style gardens

Quaint, charming and quietly muscular, today’s country gardens influences draw on everything from rambling cottage backyards to the formal heritage estates of 17th Century England. With such a broad sweep of inspiration a country style garden may suit all manner of locations and tastes. Whether you live in a farmhouse, a villa or a ranch house, a well planned country style garden will not only be great to look at but should also productive too.

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