Choosing a Pool Fence

Choosing a Pool Fence\n

With summer rapidly approaching yet again, pools are being installed one after the other. There are many aspects to putting in a pool including the fencing which is essential for the safety of pool owners and their children. Being a council requirement, the pool fencing needs careful consideration to. This article will go over the most common pool fencing options, the most common applications and the Pro’s and Con’s that come with each solution.

Glass pool fencing

Frameless glass fencing is unobtrusive, has minimal effect on your garden and landscaping, is easy to maintain, and is extremely difficult to scale or climb. Glass fencing can be purchased in an easy to install DIY kit set form with standard sized panels. BelAire Frameless Glass pool Fencing is made of Grade A toughened safety glass, and manufactured by New Zealand standards.

Common Applications:

Pools where a completely unobstructed view is required. Not only is it going to look the best aesthetically but it is going to protect views to amazing locations, the kids playing in the pool and your awesome outdoor space.


  • Does not obstruct views
  • High quality stainless steel components to stop corrosion
  • Meets all compliance regulations
  • Glass is low maintenance especially with the likes of BelAire’s Enduroshield easy clean coating
  • Very durable and strong (Frameless panels from BelAire Fencing have been tested to withstand around 250kg’s of sideways pressure.)
  • Hardware meets regulations such as self closing hinges and latches.
  • Easily customised to varying pool landscapes.
  • Compliant for fall protection as well if you pool has a drop


  • It does cost a bit more than conventional tubular pool fencing but its almost guaranteed customer’s never look back on this option.
  • Birds sometimes do not see the glass (this can be rectified with glass clamps.)
  • More frequent cleaning than other types of fencing

BelAire Solid Wall system

A Solid Wall is a high quality post and panel system which gives a similar look to that of a block/plaster wall at a fraction of the cost. The beauty of these Solid walls being the classy modern look they give to your pool area.

Common Applications:

Most commonly used for privacy purposes where there are neighbours, or where people can see in. also very commonly used around roadways for its acoustic properties as well.


  • 10 year warranty
  • Easy to install
  • Cost Effective compared to a brick/block or plaster wall
  • Very Low Maintenance
  • BelAire Fencing are able toprovide a PS1 for their system
  • Can be painted to desired colour
  • Has a large variety of Aluminium and even Glass infills that can be used
  • Up to 85% Sound reduction qualities


  • The cost is a bit more than a traditional timber post and rail fence
  • Is preferably concreted into the ground rather than fixed onto existing material

BelAire Aluminium Slat and Oblique Fencing

Aluminium fencing is taking off around New Zealand and is being seen more and more around pools. With vertical and horizontal applications, it is very easy to achieve a unique and standout look.

Common Applications:

Practically anywhere where Glass fencing is not being used. This is because of the endless customisation due to the slats being supplied in kitset form, easily manipulatable to no gaps between the slats or to have them open.


  • Endless options of application. E.g. Vertical, Horizontal, 0-85% visibility/permeability, face fixing or channel fixed
  • Very low maintenance
  • Comes in 7x standard colours
  • Classy modern look
  • Easily customised height and width


  • Not ideal for sloping ground
  • Not as cost effective as traditional aluminium Tubular fencing
  • Installation time will not be as fast as a traditional tubular panel

Aluminium Tubular fencing

Conventional tubular aluminium fencing is the most common alternative to glass fencing due to the cost effective simple nature of it.

Common Applications:

Often used when the fencing is out of sight e.g. below infinity pools. Also commonly used on more cost effective pool builds.


  • Cost
  • Simple and Easy to install
  • Varying heights
  • Different styles e.g. double or single top rail
  • Low Maintenance
  • Great visibility


  • Usually only comes in Black or white
  • Not so easy to create unique designs
  • Smaller posts
  • Hard to manipulate or customise

Choosing the right Pool fence for you and your needs is a must. When considering pool fencing options, make sure to match all the different styles of fencing to what you needs are. Whether it be privacy, unobstructed views, acoustic reductions, or savingcosts, there are solutions for every need. These products are all easily integrated and no single solution might be the best for your whole project.

It is highly recommended to consider the maintenance, quality and warranties on products when purchasing as it is a lifelong investment that you want to last.

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