The Hottest Deck Design Trends of 2024

Decking with outdoor furniture

Alfresco entertaining is a way of life for many Aucklanders, and the bedrock of a fabulous outdoor landscape is a stunning deck. Make your time outside more comfortable and enjoyable by implementing some of the most desirable deck design ideas of 2024.

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Seven Stylish Deck Trends for 2024

Here’s what’s hot in deck designs this year:

Luxe lighting

Get creative with lighting to enjoy your yard after the sun goes down. Deck your outdoor space with dreamy string lights to create a cosy ambience after dusk. Embedded deck and step lights are also great options to enhance up your space. They’re a safety feature too!

Pergola protection

Pergolas and covered decks offer shade from the sun and protection from the rain so that you can enjoy your patio year round. Pergolas help to create seamless indoor - outdoor flow, a coveted home design trend in Auckland.  

See how a pergola with a custom plexiglass louvre roof transforms this Pt. Chevalier property!

Multi-level spaces

An aesthetically stunning multi-level deck also serves a practical purpose by creating distinct areas for different activities. For instance, one level might serve as the cooking and dining area, while another level has a spa pool and lounge space. These multi-level designs are well-suited for sloping backyards - and Central Auckland has plenty of those!

Floating stairs are another trend that brings depth and wow-factor to your yard.

Playful perimeters

Make a statement with your deck’s perimeter by adding bench seating to the edge of your deck. Other deck edge ideas include the addition of contrasting timber or stone around the perimeter. This subtle detail can also provide a practical safety element.  

Boundary or pool fences are a requirement in Auckland if you have a swimming pool. See how sleek glass fencing adds a subtle cool-factor to this family-friendly landscape.

Secret storage

Keep your backyard clutter-free with the addition of savvy storage solutions within your deck. Deck skirting is a popular option to keep patio furniture or lawn mowing equipment stowed out of sight. Our team of deck builders in Auckland can help you come up with bespoke solutions for your storage needs.

Eco-friendly decking

Sustainability is important to many New Zealanders, especially when it comes to making mindful choices for their homes. Being choosy with decking material is one way to keep your project environmentally friendly. Composite decking is top of the list for sustainability because it’s made from recycled plastic and wood fibres, and is durable and easy to maintain. 

Rooftop terrace

Decking designs reach new heights with a rooftop terrace. This show-stopping feature does present specific challenges with structural design and load-bearing considerations, though. So it’s best to consult the professionals before embarking on this kind of decking project.

Choose your materials wisely

There’s a range of great decking materials available to suit both your budget and your Auckland home. We’ll go over a few of the more common types.

Check out our guide on back garden decking ideas!


This category includes both softwoods and hardwoods. For instance, pine decking is considered softwood timber while hardwood decking would be made from Kwila, Vitex, or Garapa, for example. Garapa decking is a durable choice because it is naturally resistant to rot, insects, and decay. Pine is cheaper but requires more maintenance.


Composite decking is made from recycled wood and plastic, which makes it a sustainable and durable choice of material for an exterior deck. Composite decking comes in a variety of colours and finishes, so you can customise your final look.


This kind of decking is 100% plastic, so there is little to no maintenance involved in the upkeep. Because of this, PVC is often quite a bit pricier than composite and decking timber in Auckland.


Poured concrete is another option for those who prefer minimal maintenance for their outdoor spaces. You could also opt for concrete pavers or fibre cement decking to achieve a certain look and feel for your patio.

Learn more about the decking options for your outdoor space! 

Think before you build

Before embarking on your deck build this year, consider the following:


Assess your finances first, including a contingency fund, first and foremost. This will help you determine the scope of your project, especially the best decking materials for your budget. You’ll also want to ensure you get the best contractors on the job who really know how to build a deck to match your budget and vision.


Different decking materials have different results when it comes to durability. Composite, PVC, and concrete will be the most durable materials, while timber requires regular treatment over time to make it last. 


This element goes hand-in-hand with durability. Timber has the potential to last a long time, especially hardwood decking, but it does require annual maintenance to keep it strong and to eliminate any build-up of wet weather mould.

To keep your entire outdoor area low-maintenance, consider incorporating self-sustaining plants, too!

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