Different Types Of Driveways

Pavement driveway

A well laid driveway can provide the finishing touch to your property, so if you’re looking for exciting driveway ideas, then talk to the team at Zones Landscaping Waitakere. They’re the local experts for all things driveway, so whether you need to know about driveway surface options, types of driveways, or even block paving ideas, they can help.

What are the different types of driveway material I can choose from?

Concrete, asphalt, gravel, stone, and even resin bound – there’s bound to be a driveway option you love! Each of them has different pros and cons, but your Waitakere Landscaping Consultant can help you decide on the best design and material for your property. 

Here’s a quick introduction to the different materials:

Concrete is one of the most popular materials because it’s durable and low maintenance. You may be surprised to learn that you can apply different design finishes including stencils and colour.

Asphalt is also a popular choice because it offers high performance at an attractive price point. Paver driveways are a bigger investment but provide a high-end look that becomes a true extension of the home.

Gravel offers a natural feel and the use of honeycomb cells prevents spreading and stops potholes! A great choice for long or rural driveways – we can advise on the best driveway stone to choose.

Resin bound driveways use an epoxy resin to bind stone and provide a flexible, tough, and uniform finish that can even be overlaid on an existing driveway. 

Slope driveway wth retaining wall

How long will my driveway last?

Your driveway is an investment and with good care, can last for many years to come. If you utilise a concrete sealer once a year, a well laid driveway by one of our local concrete driveway contractors should last between 25-50 years. Gravel can also last for many decades but will require top ups to keep it at its optimum level. 

These two are often considered longer lasting alternatives to an asphalt driveway, which typically has a lifespan of 12-35 years, depending on the quality of the installation and how well it is cared for. Your consultant can go through the different options with you and assess your property and climate to see which material best suits your needs.

How much does a new driveway cost?

There are driveway options to suit every home, lifestyle, and budget, so there’s no need to put up with potholes! The cost of a driveway of course varies depending on the size, material used, access to the property, and different excavation and preparation costs. Gravel and asphalt driveways are generally cheaper than concrete driveways, while paved driveways are more expensive again. Regardless of your budget, your consultant will work hard to provide the best solution possible for your needs.

Of course, we can also help with restoring existing driveways, which can be a budget friendly option, so if you need the advice of driveway resurfacing contractors, get in touch!

Concrete driveway

Do I need a permit for a driveway from Auckland City Council?

This depends on a range of factors including your property, whether a driveway already exists, and driveway gradient. Your Consultant can advise you on any local bylaws and will take care of any consent applications on your behalf as part of the Zones complete end-to-end service.

Why should I choose Zones Landscaping to deliver my driveway?

If you want a beautifully designed and constructed driveway that is tailored to your needs and your budget – without any stress! – then Zones Landscaping are the obvious choice. They have successfully completed hundreds of landscaping projects, offer personalised service, and will expertly manage your driveway project from start to finish. Have more questions about driveways and paths? Click here or explore some of our beautiful landscaping projects including custom driveways here

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Need ideas for a driveway? Sick of looking at weeds and potholes? Want a new concrete path? Explore our landscaping services and get in touch with your local Waitakere Landscaping Consultant.

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