Different Types of Pergolas

Tauranga is an ideal spot to enjoy outdoor living, considering its warm and balmy climate. Enhance your al fresco entertaining with the addition of a pergola to offer shade and add a stylistic focal point. Pergolas come in many styles and sizes with features as unique as your own backyard. We have gathered the facts so that you can make an informed decision on which pergola type would best suit your lifestyle.

Corner Pergola and pavement

Factors that influence the cost of a pergola

The pergola cost in New Zealand depends on a few factors, including:


The size of a pergola will directly affect its overall price. Some homeowners like to cover their entire deck with one large pergola for seamless indoor-outdoor flow, while others prefer a smaller pergola to offer some refuge from the sun or a place to grow climbing plants.


Many Tauranga homes favour modern pergolas that are minimal, sleek, and made from aluminium or other metals. Timber is another popular choice. A freestanding wooden pergola suits the look of nearly any backyard, especially for those after a coastal or vintage garden style. The type of material you and the labour cost to build a pergola will inform your overall price.


This premium feature is highly coveted by New Zealand homeowners. The opening louvre roof pergola is a popular choice because the amount of light or ventilation needed beneath the pergola may change throughout the day or evening. A motorised or automated system gives homeowners the freedom to make these adjustments with the touch of a button.  

Click here to learn the top five pergola styles in New Zealand.

Average cost estimates for pergola types in Tauranga

A Landscaping Consultant at Zones Landscaping Tauranga can assess your property and help you find the best option for a pergola based on your style, needs, and budget. For now, we have broken down some of the most popular pergola types in Tauranga and their approximate costs to give you an idea of what you can expect.Opening louvre roof pergolaCreate your own microclimate with a louvred roofing system for your pergola. Manually or automatically open your roof to let in more light and air flow, or close for full shade or protection from the rain. A rough price estimate would be $1,000* per square metre for a manual louvre roof, while a motorised pergola costs $1,500* per square metre.

Standard pergola

For a more cost-effective solution, a standard, 2.5m x 2.5m pergola may only set you back $2,500 - $3,500*. A few variations on the theme include:

  • A pergola with translucent roofing to drench your space in sunlight while also offering protection from the elements. 
  • A pitched pergola features a slight slope to create a spacious feel with clean lines. This type would suit architecturally designed homes or properties with a sleek, modern aesthetic.
  • A gabled pergola features a triangular roof, with two sides meeting in the middle. The result is a cosy look that feels like an extension of your home’s roof.
  • An open-top pergola has no beams or roofing whatsoever. These pergolas are strictly used to add structure and balance to your space instead. To create shade, you might consider adding a cloth canopy during the warm summer months.
Lourved matte black pergola

Why hire a Landscaping Consultant?

Instead of taking the DIY track, there are a few reasons why you might consider hiring a qualified Landscaping Consultant to help you plan and build your pergola

Bespoke process

The tried and trusted Zones landscaping process is tailored to your specific needs. From the very first consultation to final approval, a dedicated Tauranga Landscaping Consultant is with you every step of the way. With so many types of pergolas to pick from, our Landscaping Consultants can offer their expert advice on the most suitable structure for your property and your wallet.

Loyal contractor relationships

Zones is a trusted and well-known name in the industry and our longstanding relationships with local suppliers and pergola builders can help make your backyard dreams come true.

Budget conscious

Our process places your budget at the forefront of every project. Your Landscaping Consultant will work to remain within the parameters you set from the first meeting. If any unforeseen circumstances arise, your Landscaping Consultant can quickly pivot and allocate your budget accordingly. While a DIY pergola cost might be a bit lower price-wise, it could cost you valuable time and a few headaches. 

Other costs to consider

The addition of a pergola is just one part of what could be a larger landscaping project. You may consider curating an outdoor living space that includes a few extra bells and whistles.


Some would say that a pergola and deck go hand in hand. Pergolas help to stylistically support and balance a deck to create an inviting outdoor living arrangement. The price of a basic deck can fall between $10,000 and $30,000+ depending on the size and materials you choose for decking. Click here to learn helpful tips for creating a beautiful deck on a budget.


Tie your backyard together with stone, concrete, or gravel paving. Paving is a great way to connect different parts of your yard, like a pool or spa pool, vege garden, fire pit, or any other features you might have on your property. 

Enclosed or semi-enclosed pergola

We have covered the fact that the type of pergola you choose will affect the overall cost. Whether you choose to fully enclose your pergola with a translucent or closeable roof, or have a semi-enclosed pergola with stationery louvres, you have options to choose from for your outdoor structure. Consult our landscaping experts to discover the pergola type that will best suit your yard.

Timber staining

If you opt for a timber pergola, you must also choose whether or not to stain the wood. While staining your hardwood pergola enhances the rich, deep colour of your timber, it doesn’t protect your pergola long-term. You would need to re-stain every 3 to 5 years for maximum protection.

Site prepping

Site preparation for a pergola involves checking on local building requirements, inspecting the installation site for any impediments (like trees that might grow through or close to your desired location), and checking to ensure that the height of your pergola won’t corrupt the lines of sight from inside your home. Working with a professional Landscaping Consultant can make site prep go a bit smoother, as our experts know exactly what to look for!

White Greece inspired pergola


How much is a pergola per m2?

The cost of a pergola per m2 in New Zealand may vary depending on the type of material you choose and whether or not your pergola will be motorised. On average, a pergola could cost $1,000* per square metre for a basic louvre structure. For a more accurate cost analysis, talk with a local Tauranga Landscaping Consultant.

How much does a pergola cost in Tauranga?

There are a number of factors that may influence the cost of your pergola. This Tauranga pergola was restored to mint condition for $3,800. Note, that cost included the price to install a beautiful stone pathway leading up to the structure.

What features could I add to my pergola?

Embellish your pergola with a paved stone walkway leading up to your pergola, an automated louvre roof for easy use, or even climbing plants like Wisteria or Jasmine to add colour and delightful aroma to your outdoor space.

Ready to transform your outdoor space with a beautiful pergola?

Get in touch with a Tauranga Landscaping Consultant today for a no-obligation, free consultation and pergola quote. We look forward to connecting with you!

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