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If you have recently purchased a property within the Franklin region, chances are you’d be excited to have the opportunity to mould it into something that really feels like home. Less exciting is the anxiety that often comes with the financial and planning stress attached to landscaping projects. The solution? Work with a company whose project management model is based on providing industry solutions.

Enter Zones Landscaping. Established in 2014, the company’s design and build process has quickly seen it grow into an award-winning franchise company with over 1000 stunning projects completed. Now, the directors behind the company are looking for business-minded people to support homeowners in the Franklin district.

What’s unique about this company is that it was formed out of a desire to provide direct solutions to the home renovation industry’s biggest faults. Surveys have shown that approximately 30% of residential renovation costs are typically wasted due to poor planning and fragmented project management. The Zones solution? Provide customers with one point of contact who takes care of consultations, designs, fixed-quotes, council consents, project management, quality control, maintenance - everything. Sounds too good to be true? According to multiple customers, it’s a system that works.

“Very responsive to all questions, very upfront about costs, managed all contractors and oversaw the lot. The result has been great”, reviews one customer.

Another states: 

“They understood what we were going for straight away and kept up the discussion the whole way through, which was great. Very flexible meeting the budget, and were able to discuss several options to cut costs, and they just made it work. Would definitely recommend!”

One key aspect to the Zones process is that they value business-minded individuals over landscaping architects. The company seeks franchise owners who focus on customer service and project management above all else so that projects are carefully completed to client expectations - and often to exceed client expectations. 

Zones hopes to offer their innovative process to Franklin homeowners in the near future. In the meantime, they are looking for business-savvy individuals, couples or pairs who are passionate about helping homeowners transform their outdoor areas.  According to Zones co-founder Matt Steele; women, in particular, have been leading the way at Zones; completing stunning landscape designs and growing successful businesses.     

If this sounds like you, find out more on the Zones website, get in touch or call 0800 90 00 96.

Know someone who might be interested?

At Zones, we appreciate local support. Contact us today, and if someone you refer decides to invest in a Zones franchise, we will be happy to offer you a finders fee. 

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