Landscaping in Whangarei

Sunny Whangarei and the wider Northland region is fast-becoming a favourite among families who want to move out of the main centres and prioritise lifestyle over a fast-paced way of life. Comparably affordable housing, proximity to the beach and wide-open spaces, and zero commute times are just some of the ‘pros’ that make Whangarei an appealing part of New Zealand to live.

Of course, as in any part of the country, there are always some localised factors to take into consideration before embarking on a major landscaping project, issues that can be ironed out quickly by dealing with a local landscaping specialist like Zones. Firstly, Whangarei’s proximity to the coast can impact what kinds of projects can be carried out. For example, sandy, uneven soil could impact the stability of external structures like decking or retaining walls, so additional consenting may be required before your local council will approve your project. Additionally, the type of wood chosen for decking and other outdoor structures must be carefully considered; some types of decking construction are better suited to combat the effects of sand and salt erosion than others.

Wide Deck with landscaping in Whangarei

When it comes to planting, some foliage cannot be planted close to the coast because of high wind or excessive salt spray. A sure-fire way to help planting to cope with the effects of salt-laden wind spray is to first plant an effective shelter of trees and shrubs that will protect other smaller, more vulnerable plants from the elements. Many New Zealand natives also thrive on the coast, like cabbage trees, mānuka and kānuka, kawakawa, toi toi and flax.

Farmland and forestry areas could also pose problems that need to be taken into consideration before starting a big landscaping project. Parts of Northland are hilly and rocky, while other parts have hidden caves and sink holes that can cause problems. Homeowners who live on isolated Northland farmland might need to take isolation and potentially rough roading into consideration when it comes to suppliers too.

Northland’s weather should also be considered when landscaping. While the region is regarded as having some of the best weather in New Zealand, Whangarei and its surrounding areas can suffer from extensive drought during summer which can result in hard, brittle ground that is difficult to utilise in building or planting. Conversely, in winter many parts of the region can suffer from extensive flooding which can wash away both good-quality soil and extensive vegetation.

Beautiful landscaping in Whangarei

Because the area has a deep-rooted Maori history, it is possible that some landscaping projects might be limited by local historical and cultural bylaws so it pays to do your research and talk to an experienced landscaping specialist in the Whangarei area like Zones.

For more information about landscaping in the Whangarei area, contact the Zones Landscaping team today.

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