Living in Auckland Central with a Beautiful Pergola: Design Inspirations

Pergola above outdoor table

As with any landscaping accessory, the primary purpose of a pergola is either function or aesthetic. Most of the time, however, it’s both. The earliest known record of a pergola dates back to an Egyptian high court in 1400 BC!

Fast-forward to present day Auckland, and not much has changed! Pergolas are the perfect complement to an Auckland garden as they provide shade, shelter, and sunshine and can be completely customised to enhance any landscape. 

Lourved Pergola above deck area

How to design your pergola and surrounding landscape

Shape and size

Selecting the appropriate size pergola to suit your backyard will make or break the design. Too big and it will overpower the space. Too small and it will get lost. The easiest way to decide whether your pergola is in the correct proportions is to use a virtual design program that lets you see objects in your actual space. 

Once you’ve settled on a size, you can choose a shape that suits your style. Square and rectangular pergolas are the most common, but you can also create a custom space for a bespoke result. 

Roof type

Pergolas and louvre are often used interchangeably, since the only variable between the two is the roof function. Pergolas by definition have a stationary roof, whereas louvres are typically adjustable. However, these structures serve the same function as far as landscape design goes. In a location like Auckland where the weather can change at a moment’s notice, it’s nice to have the option of a removable canopy or adjustable louvre slats to provide shelter when needed. 


Curtains, furniture, and plants are simple ways to change the look of your pergola. But more permanent embellishments like built-in lighting or outdoor heaters will take more care and foresight. To ensure installs like these go smoothly, it’s a good idea to work with a pergola specialist.

Pergola above BBQ area with outdoor furniture

How to add value to your home with a perfect pergola

Simply adding a pergola doesn’t automatically increase your property value. If done incorrectly, you could actually reduce value if you damage your property during installation or if the structure starts to break down and becomes unsafe. The best way to avoid situations like this? Leave it to the professionals.  

Improved kerbside appeal, usable outdoor living space, and quality pergola construction are all desirable factors that appraisers and potential buyers will look for on your property. The more attractive your design and planting, the higher your chances become to fetch top dollar for your property in the future. Even better, you get to enjoy all of these features in the meantime!  

Pergola trends and Auckland design inspiration

Aucklanders love an outdoor entertaining area. And having some shelter allows you to enjoy your extra living space more often! See how our local Zones Landscaping Consultants in Auckland included louvres and pergolas in these bespoke landscape designs. 

Pergola protecting outdoor furniture

Why should you choose the Zones Landscaping team for your pergola?

While a pergola may seem like a small project, you may end up wanting to spruce up the rest of your landscape along with it. So what happens when the contractors you hire only have time or expertise for that one specific project? Seems like you’re out of luck. Not with Zones!

Our model includes professionals across the many disciplines of landscaping; general contractors, designers, landscape architects, and more. Every project is led by an experienced Landscaping Consultant who is backed by extensive networks of industry professionals with the skills to get the job done. So whatever you need, we’ve got you covered. 

Want to add some shade and style to your garden?

We’re here to help! To get started, simply get in touch with a local Auckland Landscaping Consultant. They’ll arrange an initial consultation during which you can discuss your ideas, budget, and goals for your landscape transformation. 

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