How to achieve a low maintenance garden

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CONTRIBUTORS: Mina Phillips, Teamturf

For many homeowners, the idea of coming home to a tranquil garden is the stuff that dreams are made of. Spending every weekend maintaining the garden, however? Not so much. Zones are experts at providing attractive, low maintenance outdoor areas. So sit back, relax and get inspired to enjoy a low-maintenance garden.

What are my low-maintenance lawn options?

Teamturf landscaping grass allows you to add value to your home by turning wet or dry areas into natural-looking designer lawns, without the hassle. Teamturf has an extensive range of synthetic lawn surfaces to meet your needs, from harder wearing alternatives for those very active kids, to the finer fibres with a great visual appearance that can be used in low traffic areas. The transformation can be quick and easy, depending on the size of your lawn; smaller projects can be completed in a day. 

What plants are easy to care for?

Agapanthus are known for their durability (just be sure to opt for an eco-friendly hybrid - these pretty purple flowers love to spread!), as are daffodils. As a general rule, native plants tend to thrive without much input. Succulents and cacti are go-to plants for busy gardeners and require very little support. However, as different plants will require varying conditions, it’s best to discuss your options with a landscaping specialist who understands your local climate and soil conditions.

Should I invest in an irrigation system?

Whatever your schedule, an automated irrigation system is the simplest way to ensure your garden thrives. Drip-line irrigation and soaker hoses are at the top of most landscaping specialists’ lists, due to the way they target plant roots. These types of irrigation systems also significantly reduce water wastage, in comparison to sprinklers; which can become near-pointless on a windy day. 

Automated irrigation systems allow your plants to always be taken care of without you having to lift a finger. Both sensors and timers are available on the market, which will keep your plants hydrated, based on a set time or moisture detection. 

What retaining wall materials are easy to maintain?

Treated timber retaining walls are a very common choice, thanks to their durability and low-cost (be sure to look for products which are Forest Stewardship Council certified). Alternatively, if it’s within your budget, stone retaining walls create a beautiful garden aesthetic and have a lifespan which is by-far superior to timber.

What decking materials are low-maintenance?

Once you have your stunning, easy maintenance garden you’ll need an elevated spot to enjoy it from, naturally. Composite decking is growing in popularity thanks to its durability, low-maintenance and sustainable features. Outdure’s recycled composite range is fade-resistant, mould-resistant and doesn’t require painting, oiling or staining. 

To find out about the costs involved in creating a low-maintenance garden, be sure to check out How much does it cost to create a landscaped garden? For further inspiration, check out this low maintenance garden in Auckland.


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