Planning to Perfection: The Process of Building Your Dream Deck in Waitakere, Auckland

Decking with umbrella and outdoor lighting

Enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort of your own serene escape – a beautiful, well-made deck. Our Landscaping Consultants in Waitakere are ready to help you transform your outdoor space with the planning and construction of a bespoke deck.

Plan to Perfection

A successful renovation begins with a solid plan. At Zones Landscaping Waitakere, our qualified Landscaping Consultants will sit down with you for an hour-long consultation to hear your ideas for your outdoor area and offer their expert advice on materials, deck framing, and more. Your Landscaping Consultant will ask about your budget too, so that as the process moves along they can make decisions on how to best allocate that budget towards particular parts of the project.

Following your meeting, your Landscaping Consultant will come back to you with concept drawings of your deck so you can visualise the end result and make any changes to your design before construction begins. Whether your goals are to create better indoor-outdoor flow, entertain outside, or create a poolscape, our professionals in West Auckland will be able to provide you with a great network of suppliers and contractors to work on your deck.

Stainedtimber decking

Council Approval Made Easy

Plenty of landscaping or renovating stress comes from code compliance and council approval. The same is true for deck design in New Zealand. Lucky for you, your Landscaping Consultant will do the heavy lifting for you by taking care of all necessary paperwork and inspections to ensure your deck complies with local West Auckland codes. 

Materials Make a Difference

There are a variety of excellent decking materials to choose from in New Zealand. Ultimately, your choice will likely boil down to the deciding factors of budget, maintenance level, and aesthetic. Here are four popular house decking materials we’re seeing in Waitakere:

Pine Decking 

You’ll find Radiata pine to be the most popular timber decking on Kiwi properties. These softwood decks are less expensive than the hardwood varieties, but they require more maintenance and don’t last quite as long as hardwood or composite decks do. A pine deck in particular is lighter in colour, so it will require regular staining or painting.

Composite Decking

For those seeking a durable and relatively eco-conscious material option, deck composite is the way to go. This material is made from a combination of recycled wood and plastic. These decks are non-slip, splinter-free, and keep their colour over time compared to their wooden counterparts.

Kwila Decking

Kwila is the most popular type of hardwood decking in the country due to its rich colour, stunning grain, and durability. While Kwila originally came from ancient Indonesian forests, it is now possible to obtain Kwila from sustainable sources.

Hardwood Decking 

Kwila is just one type of hardwood timber decking. This premium category encompasses a variety of woods, including vitex, garapa, and Pacific jarrah. Hardwood is pricier than softwoods due to their long-lasting colour and durability, meaning less maintenance over time. 

Your Landscaping Consultant can advise you on the optimal materials to suit your design and budget. You’ll also receive drawings, samples, and all the information you’ll need to make an informed decision about your decking material.

Shower with feature wall

Don’t forget the extras!

Jazz up your deck with some small details to make a major impact on your outdoor sanctuary:


LED strips, mounted deck lights, and in-deck lights can brighten up your space so that you can enjoy your backyard even after the sun goes down. Path lighting is also a bonus for safety reasons. For an expansive look, consider lighting up the entire perimeter of your deck to enhance its architectural design.


A deck with built-in seating is a creative and non-intrusive way to add relaxing nooks to your deck. You might choose to accent these seating areas with plants for a full resort vibe.

Stains and finishes

Consider your deck stain to be the icing on the cake. A premium stain or finish will not only enhance the look of your deck, but also protect it from the elements for a while. Penetrating wood oil, wood stain, and film forming are the three major types of exterior deck coatings. Experts at Zones can give you the pros and cons of each coating for your particular choice of material.

Panel play

Get creative with the size of your deck panels. For a clean-cut contemporary look, you might consider wider deck panels. The size of your panels may also depend on the decking material you choose.

Safety first

In Auckland if your deck is higher than one metre tall, you’ll need to build a balustrade. The three most common types of decking railings in Waitakere are timber, aluminium, and glass.

Seek advice from your Landscaping Consultant to explore all of the details to level up your deck! 

Concrete deck with outdoor furniture

Benefit from the best decking builders in Waitakere

Don’t know where or how to find a contractor to build a deck? No problem! Zones Landscaping Waitakere has established loyal connections within the industry to provide you with the best deck building contractors and suppliers to construct the deck you’ve been dreaming of. Plus, you could also benefit from a special trade discount.

Your Landscaping Consultant will organise and oversee all of the building for you, and keep you informed along the way.

Don’t hesitate – your deck awaits!

You don’t need to know how to build a deck to achieve the outdoor space of your dreams. Get in touch with a local Waitakere Landscaping Consultant to learn more about our deck building process. We look forward to connecting!

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