The 6 elements of a versatile outdoor decking space

versatile outdoor decking space

Outdoor spaces are far more than just paved or decked areas to host a barbecue or two; they are spaces that act as an extension of the home – an area to relax, entertain, and to enjoy all year round.

When it comes to creating the ideal outdoor space versatility is key. From the type of outdoor decking materials you choose to the layout of the space, how it will tie in with its surrounds – not to mention the all-important BBQ area – there are so many elements to consider, but taking the time to do your research and really think about the area you’re working with will make the result the best it can be. Outdure break down everything you need to consider to create the perfect outdoor space, prime for year-round enjoyment.


You want to look for a decking solution that can withstand Australian weather conditions, looks stylish and blends seamlessly with the main house for an indoor-outdoor flow. The innovative QwickBuild aluminium framing system certainly fits the bill. The system can be configured to match the height profile of the existing floors in your main dwelling, to ensure a seamless, levelled flow.

The surface that you choose to lay on top – be it tiles or, as these owners have done, ResortDeck’s ‘Sea Salt’ – will be available in a range of neutral colours to best suit the aesthetic you’re going for and the existing design scheme of your home. A neutral, go-with-anything shade makes furnishing and decorating your outdoor area much easier.


DIY enthusiasts and contractors alike are demanding more sustainable materials in their work, even upcycling wherever possible. ResortDeck is termite- and moisture-proof, and being composite flooring, it is made from recycled and recyclable materials. Both ResortDeck and QwickBuild are also designed to last longer and remain low-maintenance when compared to natural wooden frames and boards, which means less maintenance costs.


The focal point of many outdoor spaces is the alfresco kitchen and BBQ area, which creates an inviting space for gatherings. Depending on your entertaining capacity and decking space you could opt for a full outdoor kitchen, though a portable barbecue is handy to manoeuvre to create more space if needed. As this outdoor setting demonstrates, a woodfired pizza oven not only elevates the kitchen area, but is an interesting piece of decor. When choosing an outdoor kitchen for your deck opt for units made with stainless steel and chrome to withstand the elements and frequent use.


If you’ve got a lot of empty space in your backyard, why not liven up tired or unused corners by repurposing them as breakout social spaces? Using similar design elements such as decking colour and decor will tie two separate outdoor spaces together. Here the owners have opted to repurpose ResortDeck as outdoor bench space for a fire pit.


Outdoor decking is usually very neutral, which makes life easier when it comes to furnishing and decorating the space. When selecting an outdoor dining or seating set or consider playing safe with neutral palettes, because it will be much easier (and cheaper!) to regularly mix up the decor in line with colour trends or whatever your preference may be.


To really make an outdoor decking space all-weather it’s well worth investing in shade and a good lighting setup. You want to provide shade during the day that still allows for plenty of natural light to filter through, which may mean installing skylights or ceiling windows to maximise the light coming through. Making an outdoor space your own only takes some simple steps, provided that a good foundation has been laid. Check out our projects page and follow us on Instagram for more design inspiration. Read more on Outdure’s projects page and follow Outdure on Instagram for more design inspiration.

These days, outdoor spaces are far more than just paved or decked areas to host a barbecue or two; they are spaces that act as an extension of the home – an al fresco area to relax, to entertain, and to enjoy all year round.

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