Which decking is right for you?

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Are you planning to add a new deck to your outdoor space?

Dining outside, cooking on the barbie, relaxing in the sunshine, or hanging out the washing… when it comes to decks, there’s a multitude of uses for this added space attached to our homes. But much like every other room in the house, we get the most out of decks when they’re thoughtfully designed, well constructed, and suitably maintained.

If you’re building a new deck at your Wellington property and are looking for decking tips to kick start your project, our guide to different decking is a great place to start.  

What are the different types of decking in Wellington?

At Zones, our landscaping experts love the challenge of blending function with design. So when it comes to choosing the decking material most suited to your property, there’s nothing wrong with starting the selection for aesthetic reasons. After all, you could be looking out on your deck for a long time to come.

Once you’ve determined the style you want, the next step is identifying which decking material will help you to achieve it. Here are some common timber decking options that homeowners have chosen.

Cedar decking: A popular decking material for its natural ability to withstand different climatic conditions, cedar decking brings the added bonus of being resistant to rot. To get the best result from your cedar decking over time, it’s important to allow for good drainage and avoid pooling of water.

Redwood decking: Durable and weather-resistant, redwood decking is a lighter choice of decking material but still delivers a stylish yet sturdy result. In fact, redwood is one of the strongest materials around despite it being a softwood. A good maintenance routine involves gentle washing and, if soiled or marked, a light scrubbing brush over the timber.

Kwila decking: Known for being relatively low maintenance, kwila’s natural oils make this decking material a robust and durable choice. Used extensively for exterior wood decking, kwila is resistant to splitting or cracking because of the wood's tannins. Regular application of oil will ensure the kwila retains its natural look.  

Deck builders in Wellington may also use pressure-treated decking, which is timber infused with a preservative to extend its durability and lifespan. Your local Zones Landscaping Consultant will be able to discuss different types of decking with you and help to determine which decking is right for your project.

swimming pool surrounded by wooden deck and outdoor seating under pergola with LED lights

Should I go with wood or composite?

The decision to build your deck in either wood or composite materials comes down to personal preference. Composite decking material, made from a mixture of wood and plastic, may look like its counterpart and is known to last longer but doesn’t quite have the look of a true timber deck.

However, if it’s low maintenance wood decking you’re after, composite could be the most suitable choice.

Wood decking will achieve a quality finish and last for many years but may come at a higher price tag, depending on the timber you choose. Whether you choose wood or composite, maintenance is still a must to retain the look and longevity of your chosen decking material.

How to select the right deck for your outdoors?

When you’re trying to decide what deck will suit your Wellington home, take into consideration the following:

Maintenance - do you want low maintenance or are you prepared for a deck that requires frequent upkeep if it gives you the high quality look you’re after? Consider the time, inclination, and budget you have for maintenance when choosing your deck.

Budget - how much are you willing to spend on a new deck? Do you want it designed with features such as a BBQ area, pizza oven, inbuilt seating, and storage or are you looking for a simple extension of floor space to add to indoor-outdoor flow? 

Location - what part of your house is your deck extending out from? Will you step out onto it from the kitchen, lounge, or dining area, or is the deck you’re looking to build, a small sanctuary for your master bedroom? And what type of terrain are you building a deck on? Do you need to factor in decking on a steep slope or do you have a flat section out back that you can cover?

Size - how big a deck do you want to build? Are you looking at covered deck ideas or a deck around the pool? Is it a small patio deck or a deck worthy of hours of entertaining? The size, scale, and complexity of your deck will determine which decking is right for your project.

Colour - consider blending your deck with your home’s exterior colour scheme. By matching the colour palette, your deck will take on the appearance of a natural extension of your home.

Board type - it’s not just the timber you choose or the colour you opt for that contributes to the look and feel of your deck, but the type of board you select. Different textures can determine the style of your deck and the amount of maintenance required. 

To discover more decking options for your outdoor living, talk to the Zones Wellington team.

deck on the side of a house with mirror glass windows

Do I need Wellington council consent to build my deck?

If you’re building a new deck and it is more than 1.5m above ground at any point then yes, you will need to seek council consent. Furthermore, if you need to demolish an existing deck to build a new one, you may need approval for the demolition. 

It is therefore advisable that before you start, you check what consent is required. By working with a Zones Landscaping Consultant, they can sort consent for you, from the collating of documentation to the consent submission, they’ll oversee the entire process.

What is the cost of building a deck in Wellington?

The cost of building a deck at your Wellington property will be determined by factors we’ve discussed above. Size, scale, design, additional features, and material selection all contribute to the cost of your build.

At Zones, we start every project with a free consultation, during which time we determine exactly what it is you want to achieve from your project. This enables us to provide you with a fixed quote accurate to your project so there are no hidden costly surprises along the way.

deck with swimming pool and glass pool fence

Why Choose Zones as your deck installer in Wellington?

At Zones, we live by the mantra that we’ll make landscaping your outdoor spaces easy. We don’t believe there’s any need for landscaping projects and garden transformations to be stressful or difficult. They may be challenging but we love overcoming challenges to deliver great results.

For every project we undertake, we follow our unique five-step process. This starts with your consultation, moves through to the development of your design concepts and plans, and concludes with the construction and delivery of your vision.

Throughout the project, our local Landscaping Consultants call upon their trusted network of tradespeople for any service that’s required but oversee the schedule of works. This means they’re your single point of contact and will keep you up to date with progress. 

Trending decking ideas in Wellington

A key design trend when it comes to decks in Wellington is creating an outdoor space that can be utilised and enjoyed in all weather. This means covered deck ideas are a hot topic. The addition of pergolas and retractable louvre roofs, complete with rain sensors to ensure the roof closes when precipitation gets heavy, means your deck can be used all year round. With the addition of awnings and outdoor curtains, your exterior deck becomes an additional room inside your home.

Another trending deck idea in Wellington is creating an outdoor kitchen with a designated BBQ area, pizza oven, or inbuilt fire pit. This helps your deck to become a second hub of your home, a space for friends and family to congregate, or teenagers to hang out, no matter the weather.

outdoor kitchen and pool on a wooden deck

Ready to deck out your property?

If you’re ready to add a deck to your Wellington home or you need help with timber decking options to upgrade your existing outdoor space, get in touch with the Zones Wellington team today. Our local Landscaping Consultants can help you create, construct, and complete the ultimate deck in your backyard.

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