A Beautiful Backyard and Pool Surround in Omaha, Rodney

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Zones transformed this very ordinary (and overgrown!) backyard in Omaha, Rodney into a gorgeous poolside space, complete with custom decking, lighting, and garden design.

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Transformation Wanted

Nina had grand plans to transform her ordinary backyard in Omaha, Rodney into a beautiful family oasis. A pool had been ordered, so now she needed landscaping and decking to enhance the installation and provide the finishing touches. Nina reached out to her local Zones Landscaping Consultant Richard Burge for advice about how to create the perfect pool surround that would complement her home and make best use of the available space.

Nina hadn’t worked with Zones before, so during a free consultation Richard was able to explain the 5-step process to her. Zones provides a straightforward solution to landscaping and outdoor projects by providing customised solutions and complete project management, from the initial design phase right through to final delivery. Zones removes all the stress, so that you can sit back and enjoy the journey! Sold on the Zones process and Richard’s expertise, it was time for Nina to dive in and design her dream backyard.

Making Plans

Nina and Richard began the exciting process of designing and refining the backyard concept to strike the right balance between form, function, and budget. The existing space was a mix between ordinary and overgrown, so there was plenty of work to do to create the look that Nina wanted!

The pool design was set, and Nina also had an existing spa, so Richard needed to work with these features and, of course, existing house decking to ensure the space felt cohesive and had a natural flow between areas. Boundary fencing needed a spruce up, and the pool would require fencing and decking also. New planting and the moving of some established palms was planned to create a much more structured landscape look, and garden lighting would add another special element. 

Richard was also able to future-proof the design, by making allowances for any possible outdoor rooms and electrical requirements, which would potentially save Nina money in the long run.

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Construction Begins

Once Nina was completely happy with the detailed concept plans and budget for her backyard, it was time for the construction to get underway. As a local Zones Landscaping Consultant, Richard has an established network of suppliers and tradespeople he trusts to deliver top quality workmanship for his clients. He quickly matched the right people – from arborists and landscapers, to electricians, fence installers, builders, and more – to Nina’s backyard makeover. There was none of the hassle of sourcing multiple quotes or worrying about sub-par work for Nina. Instead, she could relax knowing that Richard was taking care of every detail. Of course, this included managing the council consent process for the pool fencing, as well as liaising with the pool manufacturers to find the best installation options.

Under Richard’s expert project management, Nina’s new backyard quickly began taking shape, with the timeline staying right on target to be completed in time for the pool installation. 

A Stylish New Look

Nina’s backyard was completely re-imagined and transformed into a stylish new space in just eight weeks. The boundary fence received a much-needed makeover, and now looks chic and sharp in black. Thoughtfully planned planting around the property replaced overgrown bushes, while key palms were moved to fit the new design and help create the beachside feel. Low maintenance plants along with bark ensure an easy-care backyard, so Nina can spend more time in the pool instead of mowing lawns!

 Around the pool, Vitex decking timber was chosen for its hardwearing properties and fine, even grain. The pool fencing is a combination of aluminium and glass, providing the perfect balance between cost effectiveness and a stunning, designer look that offers uninterrupted pool views. 

A pathway with easy care planting on each side joins the existing deck around the house to the new pool area, creating a link between the two distinct zones. A retaining wall and garden lighting complete the work. 

Final Words

Nina’s backyard is now a lush retreat that she loves. Richard combined classic kiwi decking, thoughtfully planned planting, and stylish fencing choices to create the perfect pool surround that truly transformed the space. Because Richard was able to retain many of the mature trees and plants, the space feels completely natural, as if it was always meant to be. He is thrilled with the outcome. “It’s hard to believe that this is the same backyard! I love what we have been able to achieve for Nina.” 

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This project was completed in
August 2023
Project description
Backyard and Pool Surround
North Shore
New Zealand
Project duration
8 weeks
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Finding optimum positions and height for the pool to give best results while keeping costs down.
Interesting aspects
Arborists and landscapers were able to move key palms.
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Richard Burge is Landscaping Consultant of Burge Landscaping Ltd, a franchisee of Zones Outdoor Renovations Ltd, doing business in North Shore.

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