A character villa’s garden transformation in Omokoroa, Tauranga

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Zones took care of every stage of the garden's renewal - taking the clients' ideas into account every step of the way.

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When a Zones Tauranga landscaping specialist first visited this character villa in Omokoroa, they could see that the surrounding garden was full of potential, with a stunning coastal location and established structural trees and planting. The clients initially asked for their garden to be tidied up. From there, they began discussing the design possibilities.

“The original spaces weren't working for them”, explains the landscaping specialist. “The garden was quite overgrown, so we discussed clearing a substantial amount of existing planting and clutter. We then went through the process of redesigning. They’re big entertainers so the focus of the brief was about creating outdoor living and entertaining spaces. The garden renovation tied in with a house renovation project, so much of the focus was on creating space to let the house breathe and developing a landscape setting that reflected the home's beauty”. 

Developing a new landscape design

The landscaping specialist took care of every stage of the garden’s renewal - taking the clients’ ideas into account every step of the way. 

“This garden has two main themes”, the landscaping specialist explains. “One was sticking with the existing character which was featuring iceberg roses  - a green and white garden. Very much following a formal cottage style but maybe a contemporary take on that. As we moved around to the seaside, we created a green and white subtropical garden which included specimen bromeliads, cycads and palms.”

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Once the design was completed and approved by the homeowners, the landscaping specialist presented them with a fixed-cost and project timeline. From there, they managed the team as they implemented the design - a process which was carried out in stages over one year.


Concrete pavers were installed, extending the outdoor living area from the deck. The existing pine deck was painted grey, which provided an inspirational colour scheme.

“We decided to match any new decking with the existing painted deck and the result is a seamless blend of old and new”, tells the landscaping specialist.

Outdoor privacy screen

To increase privacy, timber trellis screening was installed as well as fencing. So that the homeowners could enjoy year-round outdoor use, the landscaping specialist's team also installed a louvre roof; provided by Pacific Outdoor Solutions. Paired with outdoor lighting, the roof creates a lovely space to enjoy the outdoors in the evenings. 

Raised planter boxes

On the surrounding landscape, the Zones Tauranga team built retaining walls and established vegetable beds. A carefully planned garden was planted and defined with edging. A water feature was installed as well as a new lawn and a subtropical seating area. 

The final result

“I think this is a stunning property”, says the landscaping specialist. “It’s now a lot more usable for them. I think the new design has given the house a lovely setting. The entranceway is a lot more inviting. They can now entertain all-year-round because we put heating and lighting in the louvre - something that has transformed their outdoor use and the garden.”

With the outdoor living areas and garden complete, the landscaping specialist's team are now scheduled in to install a new driveway for the homeowners. 

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This project was completed in
December 2019
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Project description
Garden renovation
New Zealand
Project duration
Completed in 4-week stages over 1 year
Cost estimate
Actual cost
$100,000 (approx.)
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