A concrete driveway with a view in Dolphin Bay, Tutukaka

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Zones gave this Tutukaka home with a driveway with an ocean view.

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Coming to the end of a 1970s home renovation project, Tutukaka homeowner Trudi decided that one of the final areas that needed to be addressed was her property’s driveway. Trudi had been keeping up with Zones’ project photos on Facebook and, after getting in contact, discovered that landscaping specialist Jason Clarke lived nearby. Soon after, Jason met with Trudi to discuss her project.

“The driveway was metal, steep and kept washing away, so it was time to concrete”, tells Jason.   

Installing a concrete driveway 

In collaboration with Platinum Power director Mano Warmington, Jason’s team carried out the 320m2 of groundworks and concreting. The project involved a “complete rebuild”, including setting the base levels and two stages of concreting.

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Jason was super friendly and responsive and kept me in the loop of the project

“This was a very steep site so the job was split into two stages and a concrete pump was utilised to assist in the placement of the concrete”, explains Jason. “It was an amazing view overlooking Dolphin Bay. It was a pleasure going to work - the crew really enjoyed it and went the extra mile for the client.”

The finished result

While unpredictable weather presented a few unavoidable challenges, the final result was well worth it. Jason’s team put a considerable amount of detail and care into the project, adding attractive embellishments to the site and contouring the driveway to perfection. 

“Jason was super friendly and responsive and kept me in the loop of the project. It is a really great job. The sub-contractors he used were outstanding and they did really great work. It looks amazing!”

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Jason Clarke is an independent franchisee of Zones Landscaping.
This project was completed in
December 2019
Project description
Concrete driveway installation
New Zealand
Project duration
2 weeks
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Jason Clarke is Landscaping Consultant of Clarke Landscaping Ltd, a franchisee of Zones Outdoor Renovations Ltd, doing business in Whangarei

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