A low-maintenance lawn in Auckland

Artificial turf and swimming pool with glass boundary

Zones provided these Auckland homeowners with a low-maintenance solution to their damaged, boggy lawn.

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Feeling sick and tired of their wet, boggy lawn; the owners of this Auckland property contacted Zones Landscaping to discuss a low-maintenance alternative. They met with their local landscaping specialist Judd Stratful, who provided them with their ideal solution: an artificial turf.

Excavation and lawn installation

Auckland’s weather, combined with the lawn damage that comes with having a dog, had left the original lawn patchy, squelchy and difficult to maintain. While an artificial turf was the obvious resolution - the installation didn’t come without challenges. The site didn’t allow for digger access - which meant Judd and his team needed to excavate the outdoor area by hand.

In addition to the excavation and turf installation, Judd’s team also replaced the existing garden edging with treated timber - a much more durable option than the original piece of decking that was being used. 

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The final result

A new, durable 80m2 artificial turf now sits in place of the original boggy lawn - making it easy for Judd’s client’s to enjoy their outdoor space.

“ The final result is very good! The turf is a great option for a dog. The lawn is no longer a bog and can be used all year round! Plus, of course, they no longer need to mow it!”  says Judd.

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Project description
Artificial lawn installation
New Zealand
December 2019
Project duration
1.5 weeks
Cost estimate
Actual cost
As there was no digger access, the area was hand excavated
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Judd Stratful is Landscaping Consultant of Rodney Landscapers Ltd, a franchisee of Zones Outdoor Renovations Ltd, doing business in Rodney.

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