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Zones helped this Tauranga homeowner feel confident in her garden by converting it into a level surface.

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Your garden should be a place where you feel comfortable wandering, gardening and enjoying the fresh air. However, this wasn’t the case for Tauranga homeowner Eileen. The uneven surface of her lawn made her feel nervous; enjoying it was difficult as she felt that she might trip and fall. However, a visit to a garden exhibition at Mount Maunganui led to a solution.

“We went to the exhibition over at the Mount - that’s where I met Nigel”, explains Eileen. “He gave me a booklet, which I brought home, and he said he could come and see me to discuss what I would like done. Then I had a lovely plan drawn up so I’d know what the new garden would look like.”

Updating the landscape design

“Eileen wanted to be able to get around her garden without risking a fall on the uneven surface,'' adds Nigel. “Her grass was full of weeds and patches and the soil was in poor condition. The design brought the project to life and Eileen was able to see what could be achieved.”

Once the initial design and cost estimate had been presented, Nigel and his team worked closely with Eileen to make a few adjustments so that the work carried out would suit her specifications and budget. 

“The Zones five-step process worked really well, with the brief and design going to plan,'' says Nigel “Working on the quote and revising it helped Eileen to achieve her goals.”

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“He gave me a booklet, which I brought home, and he said he could come and see me to discuss what I would like done. Then we had a lovely plan drawn up so I’d know what the new garden would look like."
- Eileen, Zones North Shore Client


When it came to carrying out the design, the first step was to improve the accessibility of Eileen’s lawn.

Building a retaining wall and raised planter boxes

“We started by building a retaining wall to create a level lawn and distinguish it from the large rocks at the end of the garden,'' recalls Nigel. “We created some accessible garden beds for planting and replaced the topsoil before laying the new grass.”

The final result

While Eileen hopes to make further improvements to her garden in the near future, she is very happy with the design and landscaping work that Nigel and his team carried out for her.

“The lawn was on a slope and I was afraid to walk on it -  but now that it’s level, it really looks lovely. What has been done is just right. I’m now waiting for my lawnmower to come and give it its first cut because it has grown beautifully. 

“My garden has been rejuvenated with lovely new grass lawns which have enhanced my decorative paving. I thank Nigel for his advice and work in making this possible. I would recommend Nigel at Zones to anyone who wishes to have their garden improved. Who knows, I might get him back again!”


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This project was completed in
November 2019
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New Zealand
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4 days
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Nigel Ramsden is Landscaping Consultant of Bay Premier Landscapes, a franchisee of Zones Outdoor Renovations Ltd, doing business in Tauranga.

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