A swim spa pool landscape design in Auckland

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The new swim spa pool area\n

Zones Landscaping helped these homeowners achieve a grand outdoor area where they could enjoy a spacious new swim spa pool.

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In preparation for Auckland’s cooler months, these homeowners opted to spend the summer updating their bare outdoor lawn area into an impressive swim spa pool zone. They sought the help of their local Zones Landscaping Specialist who took care of the spa area’s design, construction and planting.

Landscape design

Following an initial briefing meeting with the homeowners, the Landscaping Consultant worked with their team to develop a new property design. This was then finalised with the homeowners and an all-inclusive quote was provided and approved. Because of this project’s clever design, no council consent was required. The swim spa is over 1.5 metres high, the swim spa cover is lockable and, as an additional safety measure, removable steps have been included.   

Construction and planting

The Landscaping Consultant arranged the delivery of all of the project’s required materials and scheduled his team in to carry out the project within a four week period. Within this time; the Landscaping Consultant's team carried out concrete hardscaping, built a wooden pergola made of macrocarpa, completed electrical work in preparation for an outdoor lighting plan and planted a new garden around the newly established swim spa area. 

The new swim spa pool area

With the project complete, the Landscaping Consultant says that building a pergola was one of the best decisions made. 

“The macrocarpa pergola was a very cool feature which made the whole area.”

Complete with the new garden and concrete platform, the new design has provided a grand space for the homeowners to enjoy the stars and surrounding views during the colder months of the year. 

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This project was completed in
January 2021
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Project description
Concrete hardscaping, macrocarpa pergola, planting, outdoor lighting
New Zealand
Project duration
4 weeks
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