An entertainer’s dream in One Tree Point, Whangarei

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Through strategy and design, this suburban garden was transformed into a subtropical oasis.\n

Through strategy and design, this suburban garden was transformed into a subtropical oasis.

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The Initial Consultation

Every entertainer desires a beautiful space to host friends and family. With the festive season fast approaching, Missy, the homeowner, decided it was time to upgrade her outdoor area.

To execute this garden makeover, she connected with Jason Clarke, her local Landscaping Specialist. Together, they devised a landscaping concept that would transform her courtyard into an entertainer’s dream.

The initial brief was to create a low-maintenance, subtropical oasis - a space where she could both accommodate guests and relax. To make it happen, this garden needed a variety of changes to transform and uplift its existing state.

The Existing Garden

Missy wanted to see her garden bloom. Overgrown and dull, it lacked character, flow, and excitement - the garden beds in particular. The space was not an entertainer’s dream. 

In solution, Jason and his landscaping team established a planting plan to refresh the existing garden and create a lush atmosphere. A place more worthy of relaxing with a cup of tea or hosting guests.

The Vision

Missy wanted an eclectic mix of plants and trees that would embrace Whangarei’s coastal surroundings and bring them into the suburban setting. 

As it was, the garden was spacious, but it lacked vibrance. Opting for bright colours and a variety of textures, Jason was able to bring the desired subtropical garden to life.

Contrasting flowering plants, like hibiscus and bird of paradise with evergreen palms, Jason established a lush environment that would warmly welcome all guests.

Strategic Planting 

During the concept design and planning stages, Jason assessed potential risks. While many subtropical plants are sturdy, the planting was to happen in Summer, so he wanted to mitigate any chance of scorching/damage to the leaves.

Subsequently, he decided to arrange the sturdier plants in sun-exposed areas and the more delicate shaded areas. While this was initially planned to reduce sun damage, the layout also brought more depth to the garden. 

Jason and his landscaping team planted the majority of the garden before Christmas but delayed planting one particularly vulnerable specimen until March. This way, he could be certain no damage would occur.

Cost & Timeline

Alongside new plants, this landscaping project involved rebuilding the garden bed and installing an irrigation system. These inclusions brought the cost to $17,000.

From clearing to planting, the main project was carried out over one week. However, to avoid sun damage and include variations suggested in the initial design, the homeowner went ahead with further planting three months later.

The Transformation

An expert level of craftsmanship can be seen in all corners of the new garden. Vibrant and modern, the outdoor area has indeed become a beautiful space for entertaining. 

With feature pots placed perfectly throughout the garden, this landscaping project has also created a subtle air of elegance and established greater depth, making the garden feel bigger. 

From design to build, Jason and his team worked diligently to establish this urban paradise from the ground up, transforming a lacklustre garden into a flourishing oasis. 

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This project was completed in
May 2021
Project description
Garden transformation
New Zealand
Project duration
1 week
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Planting in Summer
Interesting aspects
Subtropical plants, rebuilt garden beds, new irrigation.
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Jason Clarke is Landscaping Consultant of Clarke Landscaping Ltd, a franchisee of Zones Outdoor Renovations Ltd, doing business in Whangarei

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