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An Entertainment Area in Papamoa

The owner of this Papamoa property wanted to transform her backyard into an aesthetic social zone. She entrusted the job to Zones landscaping specialist Nigel Ramsden.

  • Client: Robyn
  • Location: New Zealand
  • Date: 12 April 2019

WORDS Mina Phillips

Location: Papamoa

Project description: Transforming the backyard into a private entertainment area

Project duration: 3 weeks

Budget + Actual spend: $38,000

Type of home: Brick and tile


Tired of staring out at her small and basic lawn, homeowner Robyn decided it was time for a change. She got in touch with Zones landscaping specialist Nigel Ramsden to discuss the possibility of creating an outdoor barbeque and entertainment area. Nigel was happy to help and brought his team on board to get the job done.

“The property had a partially covered deck and a lawn surrounded by the garden fence. The kid's trampoline dominated the small lawn” Nigel explains. “The client wanted to create a BBQ entertainment area, creating privacy from the surrounding properties. Our designer created a cool entertaining area with a fixed roof over the BBQ area and a wave shade over the dining table.”

The old lawn was removed using a digger, and replaced with a concrete patio. A pebbled pathway now wraps around the house leading to the social zone. On either side, carefully selected plants add a touch of serenity to the space. Three screens have been installed in front of the fence, with flower and fern detailing that is highlighted by garden spotlights in the evenings.

“We put some really nice lighting in the space which individually lit up the powder-coated screens we made between the palm trees”, says Nigel. “The use of materials such as reclaimed sleepers, concrete, steel and screens gave the area real interest. Reclaimed sleepers blend together with beautiful planting. The area now feels bigger than the original garden and gives the client the feeling of privacy which will be enhanced as the plants grow.

“The garden has been transformed and the finished look is brilliant. There are now some really cool features. The white plant bowl at the side of the garden is now a really nice feature. The client is really pleased.”

 “We’re really happy with it”, says Robyn. They gave us exactly what we asked for. One of my favourite features is the screening which gives us a bit of privacy from our neighbours. That and the pergola. It came out really well!”


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