Judd Stratful provided this Auckland homeowner with a cost effective pine decking solution.

Before and After

At 40-years-old, this Auckland deck wasn't doing so well. The homeowners asked Zones Landscaping Consultant Judd Stratful to replace it, building a larger new deck in its place. 

Judd worked with his team to carry out the project to a high standard. First, they took measurements for the new deck and marked it out on-site. From there, they were able to provide the homeowner with a quote that included the costs of all of the required project materials and labour. As the homeowner had a strict budget in mind, it was decided that 140x32mm wide pine decking would be a cost-effective material choice.  

With the project approved, Judd’s team began the build. In just two weeks, the decaying deck was removed and replaced with a sturdy and attractive pine design that leads from the house down to the garden. 

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