Modern family garden perfect for entertaining in Tauranga

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Elegant landscape built for relaxed entertaining in Tauranga, New Zealand

This contemporary house had an established coolness that the homeowners wanted to bring into the landscape.

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Situated in Tauranga's most lively suburb, this property boasts an elegant, contemporary design. Noticing an opportunity to enhance their large backyard, the homeowners sought help to build a landscape that would match the property’s aesthetic.

After discovering Zones Landscaping, they got in touch right away. Meeting their local Landscaping Specialist, the homeowners shared their vision for completely upgrading the exterior - and the journey began.

Project Scope

The main goals for the landscaping were to install a broad swimming pool, build an entertainment area, and update the gardens. It was important for these features to have a modern style while not taking away from the surrounding natural beauty. 

The Landscaping Specialist and their landscaping team came up with a concept that supported each of these goals and requirements. During development, the plan was also assessed for feasibility and presented to the homeowners with a confirmed opportunity for construction. 

Enthused with the concept, the homeowners happily went ahead with the plan. From there, it wasn’t long before designs were drawn up and ready for action.

The Perfect Pool

With two active boys who are competent swimmers, the first step was to decide on a pool that worked for the entire family. They ended up installing a generous 10 x 4 metre fibreglass pool from the luxurious Barrier Reef Pools. They chose specific features for the family including a shallow bay for sun lounging in the pool and a deep end reaching 1.9 metres to allow for dive bombs.

Keeping in line with the home’s clean aesthetic, they designed a raised lounging deck to allow for a recessed pool cover. This innovative storage solution lets the pool be luxurious without the unsightly cover boxes and reels. 

One final lavish fixture installed for the pool is the Naked Fresh Water System. Scientifically engineered to utilise nature’s minerals for sanitisation, this mineral oxidiser leaves the pool chlorine and chemical-free. It’s an eco-friendly solution that means you can spend hours having fun in the pool without the chemical smell and sore eyes. 

High-end Features

The light-toned deck establishes an air of elegance to the outdoor area. Using Vitex hardwood flooring, builders extended the deck seamlessly around the house to capture other outdoor spaces and establish a breezy indoor/outdoor flow. It’s worth noting that these timber planks were pre-oiled before installation to give additional protection from the sun.

White quartzite pool coping stones were used to frame the pool and have a soft yet striking effect that lifts the entire surface. For the pool colour, the homeowners wisely opted for a cool grey which enhances reflections of the sky and beautiful rural surroundings.

The plants were kept to a handful of types; mostly large with dark green colouring. Planting along the edges of the outdoor area, the landscaping team was able to develop a spacious feel and have the plants blend with the distant hills. Enhancing this effect even further, the homeowners opted for glass pool fencing to line the boundaries and maximise views to the horizon and beyond.

An All-Year Experience

Though the pool is more often used in warmer temperatures, it has become a showcase feature of the home all-year-round. This is not only thanks to its contemporary aesthetic but also the beautiful ripple effect which the sun casts and bounces around the main living space.

Elated by the final outcome, the homeowners decided to continue working with the Landscaping Specialist and the landscaping team for future expansions. Upcoming projects include installing breeze block walling, an outdoor shower and more lush planting.

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This project was completed in
November 2020
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Project description
New Zealand
Project duration
3 months (broken either side of the covid lockdown)
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Grey pool - which means we get beautiful reflections of the sky and rural outlook
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