Landscaping specialist Nigel Ramsden was brought in to revamp the entertainment area of this Te Puna home.

WORDS Raul Sharma

Peter, owner of this Te Puna home, decided it was time to update his backyard entertainment area. The original pool area was old and tired with terracotta pavers and it featured an old wall that supported a small roof and concrete oven. Landscaping specialist Nigel Ramsden was brought on board to help Peter transform this area into a modern entertainment spot.

“Our main goal was to modernise our outdoor area,” says Peter. “We chose Zones because their website showed some great outdoor projects!”

Nigel and his team started by removing the old pavers, clearing the wall that supported the roof, and extracting the oven as well as the old gardens. 

“Once the area was clear, we installed the new louvre roof, then the concrete was poured,” explains Nigel, walking us through the landscaping project. “We cultivated the gardens with fresh soil and planted new trees and plants. Once the louvres were finished, the old wall was painted black.”

Next, the team fixed the kwila battens and a marble screen before installing the black Gasmate kitchen BBQ.

The Zones five-step process was followed throughout the landscaping project. “The design stage was very important as it followed for accurate project quoting,” reveals Nigel. “Changing the design slightly to get within budget was then very easy for the client to understand.” Interestingly, the original design included another deck near the pool. However, this was removed so that Nigel could meet the client’s budget requirements.

During the project, Nigel brought in several tradespeople, including a concreter, builder, and electrician. No council consent was required for this project, although that does not mean the project did not come with challenges. “There were huge roots in the way of the build which had to be removed,” reveals Nigel. “As a result, we had to replace pipes and wires to the pool. Also, removing the old cobbles was difficult as there was limited access to it.” 

Nigel used a variety of materials in this project: concrete around the pool, the Louvre roof was from Pacific Powder Coating, and the kitchen featured a marble splashback. He worked with Zones’ preferred partners, Pacific Outdoor Solutions and Mitre 10 Mega to ensure only high-quality products were used.   

All the hard work was worth it as Nigel says “It was a great project and the clients were awesome to work for!” When asked about his favourite features, Nigel says “I love the marble splash back on the wall under the roof. The concrete around the pool is great too as it makes the area look huge.” 

“I really enjoyed working with Nigel,” says Peter. “He was always available to answer any questions and kept me updated throughout the project. Plus, he’s a very likeable guy!”

“I’m very happy with the final outcome,” declares Peter. “We had a wonderful summer outside under the new louvres. Nigel and his whole team were friendly, knowledgeable, and happy to go the extra mile,” he concludes. 

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