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Outdoor Rooms Project

An outdoor lounge and bbq area project in Papamoa

These clients thought that their garden space could be put to better use so they hired the services of Zones landscaping’s Nigel Ramsden to transform the space into an entertaining area with a barbeque, outdoor lounge and dining area.  

  • Location: New Zealand
  • Date: 19 March 2019

WORDS Mina Phillips

Nigel Ramsden’s clients thought their original garden was old and tired. They wanted to convert it into a great entertaining area with a BBQ, outdoor lounge and outdoor dining area.

The original outdoor area was a lawn outlined by a small, deteriorating retaining wall. On the other side of the retaining wall was a slightly overgrown garden and a well kept hedge. The garden also contained some great established plants, including a dragon tree and a lepidozamia, which were moved and made into garden features.

The project included an eclectic use of materials, such as; pavers, reclaimed railway sleepers, schist and composite decking board, which worked great together. A ready lawn was laid, with an irrigation system, for both the lawns and the gardens.

Within 3 weeks the lawn was transformed into a luxurious outdoor social zone. Specific areas were set for each purpose, with the centre focus being the covered patio lounge and BBQ area. Leading away from the patio, a stone path was placed alongside a sturdy new retaining wall, leading to the dining area. And just past the dining area - a tropical themed, covered spa.


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