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A summer setting in Birkenhead

Check out this serene social area, overlooking a ready-to-use swimming pool.

  • Location: New Zealand
  • Date: 09 September 2019

WORDS Mina Phillips

Location: Birkenhead

Project: Improving an outdoor living space around an existing swimming pool

Cost: $42,000

Duration: 4 weeks

Challenges: Accessing the site

Dreaming of summer days by the pool, the family behind this lovely Birkenhead landscape asked Zones landscaping specialists Tracey and Glen Barker to carry out a range of tasks to improve the functionality and usability of their swimming pool area. Tracey and her team managed to complete the project within four weeks for $42,000.

Repairing the swimming pool was the first priority. Next up, a new deck, pergola, decorative screens, new concrete around the pool as well as new steps leading up to a gate; providing access to the back of the property.

No project would be completely satisfying without overcoming a challenge or two along the way. For this particular project, arranging access to the site was a part of the process. 

“Access to the property was difficult and we had to access through the neighbour's property to remove the existing timber and bring in new supplies”, tells Tracey.

Tracey managed every stage of the project for her clients, giving them the freedom to enjoy their everyday lives and routines. When the four weeks were up, they were presented with a serene social area overlooking a ready-to-use swimming pool.   


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