Alex works with Zones landscaping specialist Rose Bridge as Landscape Designer and Project Manager, which means he not only helps with planning spaces, designing aesthetics and encouraging clients to visualise their dreams, but he also ensures Zones delivers a great outcome. He assists Rose with streamlining the entire landscaping process from design to completion, removing the stress of building from the homeowner, and always aiming to get their project done on-time and on-budget!

With a Bachelor's Degree in Architecture, majoring in Landscape Architecture, and extensive experience as a Landscape Designer, Alex has a wealth of knowledge in the latest programmes for construction drawings, rendering, and 3D modelling. He has an in-depth understanding of construction and architectural theory and uses this to provide homeowners with rounded and well thought-out design decisions to get optimal results.

Alex says “ the only way to make your dream a reality is to start!”. Get in contact with him and Rose and they'll pop in to see what the future of your property could be.