A swimming pool is one of the best home additions you can make, instantly turning your backyard into a multipurpose relaxation, entertainment, and work-out zone. Depending on your vision and needs, a swimming pool can cost anywhere from as low as $2,700 to upwards of $315,000. 

If you would like to know how much a specific type of pool costs—from installing an above-ground pool to maintaining an indoor pool—check out the rest of the cost estimate guide below! Alternatively, you can reach out to a Zones landscaping specialist to get started.

How much does it cost to build and install an in-ground swimming pool? 

When you close your eyes to picture a swimming pool, an in-ground pool is what you visualize. Most homeowners’ dream swimming pool will cost them between $36,000 to upwards of $70,000. (Source: Homeguide.com)

Note that these costs vary depending on the materials you choose. Options include basic brick and tile, to unique designs made using wood and colored concrete, or the higher aesthetics of interlocking concrete and exposed pebbles. For a more specific cost you can talk to your local Zones landscaping specialist.   

How much does it cost to install an above ground swimming pool? 

For homeowners looking for a less permanent solution, installing an above ground pool will cost them between $2,700 to upwards of $7,200. (Source: Homeguide.com). 

However, as the exact price of your above ground pool installation depends on its size, style, material, and water type—the best place to start is to contact a Zones specialist for a free consultation.

How much does it cost to build and install an indoor swimming pool?

For homeowners who desire all the upsides of owning a swimming pool without dealing with the elements, an indoor swimming pool will cost them between $158,000 to $315,000. This price is based on paying $285 to $360 per square foot and includes the cost of building the walls, the roof, and installing the much-needed dehumidifier system. (Source: Homeguide.com).

If you would like to know what options you have when it comes to materials and how much your indoor swimming pool will cost, get in touch with a Zones swimming pool specialist today. 

How much does it cost to construct a pool enclosure? 

If an indoor swimming pool is outside your budget, building a swimming pool enclosure is the next best option. This can cost you from $7,000 to upwards of $21,500. (Source: Homeadvisor.com) 

Zones can help you build a pool enclosure that matches the aesthetic of the rest of your home and provides all the functionality you are seeking. 

Get in touch with us to discuss your pool project requirements.

How much does it cost to install, repair, or replace a vinyl swimming pool liner?

Your vinyl swimming pool liner is likely to have a lifespan of up to two decades, however, there may be a need to replace it due to its age, wrongful installation, or damage via usage or from pool chemicals. 

Materials for swimming pool liners cost around $150 for a twelve foot above ground pool, and $2,300 for the average in-ground pool. Labor on the other hand can cost around $1,250 for above ground pools, and $2,500 for in-ground pools. (Source: Homeadvisor.com)

As these costs are highly dependent on the size and location of your pool, the type and condition of the liner, and the weather during installation, we recommend contacting a Zones swimming pool liner installation specialist to get a quote. 

How much does it cost to install a fiberglass swimming pool?

The most popular alternative to vinyl when it comes to waterproofing a swimming pool is fiberglass. Not only is it more durable, but it also stops the growth of mould. These upsides come at a price, making it more costly to install—from a starting price of around $28,500 to upwards of $57,000. (Source: Homeadvisor.com).

If you have any more questions about fiberglass swimming pools, get in touch with a Zones Landscaping Specialist for a no-strings-attached consultation. 

How much does it cost to build and install a swimming pool deck?

A brand new swimming pool deck can set you back around $4,300. (Source: Homeguide.com). However, if you already have a swimming pool deck you’re looking to upgrade, resurfacing the concrete may be your best bet. 

To read more about installing a deck, click here. If you’re ready to get started on your pool deck installation, get in touch.

How much does it cost to remodel a swimming pool?

Perhaps you’ve outgrown your pool and you need to expand it? Or does it simply need extensive repairs? Instead of constructing an entirely new pool, remodeling your current one may work. A swimming pool remodel can cost anywhere from $2,500 for minor repairs and replacements, to $30,000 for an extension. (Source: Homeadvisor.com). 

Whether you need to replace your pool steps or lights, or want to install a new water feature, slide, or diving board, get in touch with a Zones landscaping specialist to take care of it!

How much does it cost to install or repair swimming pool tiles?

When it comes to swimming pool tiles, the material options are almost limitless. Depending on the aesthetic and purpose you desire, you can choose from stone, brick, porcelain, mosaic, and even glass! Depending on the material you choose, re-tiling your swimming pool will cost between $4,300 (for basic ceramic tiles) to $86,000 (for luxury glass tiles). Labor costs average around $26 per hour. (Source: Homeadvisor.com).

Another option is to regrout your swimming pool tiles, which starts with removing hardened old grout from in between the tile seams, followed up forcing new grout in and letting it dry. Regrouting tiles can cost up to $4.30 per square foot, or around $4,300 for an average sized pool.

For more accurate costs on retiling your swimming pool, get in touch with your local Zones landscaping specialist. 

How much does it cost to maintain a swimming pool?

Once you install your swimming pool, it’s important to keep it well maintained. This involves replacing the pump when necessary, repairing your spa, scrubbing the hot tub, ensuring the water chemistry is balanced, cleaning the filter, and checking for leaks and other plumbing issues. 

Weekly maintenance will cost between $140 to $215, whereas monthly maintenance can set you back $115 to $140. (Source: Homeguide)

Repairs, on the other hand, can run higher due to things like filter replacement, and can range from $200 to $950. (Source: Homeguide)

If you’re looking for a reliable swimming pool maintenance provider, you can discuss your project further with a Zones pool provider. We will test the pH value of your water, ensure filters and other equipment is operating as it’s supposed to, and empty the traps and baskets, before skimming, vacuuming, and scrubbing every corner of your swimming pool!

How much does it cost to open a swimming pool?

Once it’s the season again to remove your pool cover and open your swimming pool, it’s best to contact a specialist. On average, opening a decently maintained pool will cost between $215 to $430, whereas, dirty/green pools range upwards of $430 to $580. (Source: Homeadvisor.com)

Zones will take care of your pool maintenance for you: from removing your pool cover to reactivating the filteraction system, cleaning your pool, refilling it with water, and ensuring optimal water chemistry. 

How much does it cost to add a spa or hot tub? 

Although an accurate price estimate depends on the size of your desired spa, the number of jets in your hot tub, the materials used to build them, as well as the features you would like to be included, the lowest an above-ground spa will cost you is $2,800, while an in-ground luxury hot tub can cost upwards of $28,000. (Source: Homeadvisor.com).

Get in touch with a Zones landscaping specialist for a free spa or hot tub installation consultation.

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