Making a shaded garden work

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ARTICLE Rachael Farthing  

With the turn of the season and climate, comes the question of how to make use of shaded gardens and their overwhelming properties that distinguish them. There are a plethora of plants and garden fauna that can be made use of to keep a garden climatic and at its peak.

A spot which might be partially shaded in summer, can become fully-so in winter. Make sure the plants you choose can survive all seasons.

Many local parks have areas of dense bush creating shaded habitats for plants. They’re used because they are hardy and can take care of themselves (low-maintenance). A walk-around may provide you with some clues for your own garden.

If your garden is heavily shaded or if you fancy plants that need a little more light than you are currently getting, have a look at what is creating the shade. Big trees and large shrubs may need to be pruned or thinned to let more light into the garden.

Deciduous plants, like Hydrangeas, can provide you with a changing seasonal palette, while also providing cut flowers for inside your home.

Remember, shady does not mean a default green garden! Plants like Hostas and Heucheras have foliage that comes in an array of patterns and colours, which will be sure to brighten up any garden.

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