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ARTICLE Clare Chapman 

Lake Wakatipu is a long, thin lake formed by glacial processes that dog-legs through some of the most scenic surrounds New Zealand has to offer. Nestled on one of its inlets known as Queenstown Bay, the resort of Queenstown spreads out from the lake and it’s not hard to see why the town has experienced unprecedented growth in recent years. 

From Queenstown Bay, the vistas are spectacular with The Remarkables, Cecil Peak, Walter Peak, Ben Lomond and Queenstown Hill offering panoramic alpine vistas. 

Beautiful panoramic view of Lake Wakatipu in the evening sun

As the population continues to increase, the town continues to expand into the undulating lands that spread out from the original township with the Queenstown-Lakes District Council changing zoning restrictions to free up large amounts of land for housing, commercial and industrial use. Around 36,000 people currently call Queenstown their permanent home and that’s on the rise. 

Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu are surrounded by dramatic peaks, whose presence have an influence on the town’s development, architectural vernacular and feel. The Remarkables mountain range is perhaps the most well-known of the ranges in this area, with its unique sharp peaks running along the lake’s south-eastern edge. 

At 80 kilometres long, Lake Wakatipu it is New Zealand’s longest lake and is also the third largest. The spectacular Dart River, known for its world-class fishing and jet boat route, flows into Lake Wakatipu at its northern end, while the lake is drained by the Kawerau River, another stunningly scenic part of the Queenstown region.

Native tussocks

Queenstown sits at a relatively low altitude for a snow resort, at just 310 metres above sea level. Due to this, its climate is an oceanic one, with long, warm days in summer reaching some of the highest temperatures in New Zealand, while in winter, temperatures are low, with frequent snowfalls. 

Along with its dramatic alpine scenery, the area is known for its numerous ski resorts, world-class outdoor activities, adventure tourism, and solitude in its scenic location. 

In Queenstown the seasons are distinct and separate, with the colour of the area’s foliage dramatic and vivid at different times of the year. Winters are cold, while summers are long and dry. Here, wind is a significant factor as it is buffeted off the mountains. Perhaps the most well-known of the area’s flora is the native tussocks that change colour with the seasons, adding a distinct character to the area. 

An outdoor area with a white couch set

There are various different zones within Queenstown, each which have specific requirements around landscaping. The most prominent of these rules relate to earthworks and different restrictions apply depending on the zones in regards to how close earthworks can be to a property’s boundary, and limitations to the overall amount of earthwork movement that can be undertaken. 

There are also other protected features unique to each zone, particularly relating to trees of certain ages. Planting is largely left to the property owner’s discretion. 

Other applications for consent such as additions to decking areas or new decking areas are governed largely by limitations about a project’s size and relationship to a property’s boundary

What Queenstown retains as it develops though is its rural heritage. Even still, you don’t have to drive far out of town to be in the midst of a working sheep station. And as Zones Landscaping Queenstown specialist Shane Woonton says, along with the alpine influence, this is the other derisive factor of the area’s architectural and landscaping vernacular.

“Schist walls, hardwood fences and corrugated is commonplace in Queenstown, and they’re all reminiscent of the traditional buildings on local sheep stations.”

Landscaping options are bound by the harshness of the seasons: the cold winters, long, dry summers and the wind, Woonton says. “These three factors define what works and what doesn’t and managing these is successful to great landscaping in the Queenstown area.”

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