North Shore Outdoor Lighting Installers

Our North Shore Landscaping Specialists provide simplicity to your outdoor lighting installation. \n

A perfectly-lit outdoor space creates a pleasing ambience while drastically improving your home’s aesthetic and security. 

If you're looking to achieve your dream outdoor landscaping but don't know where to begin, Zones Landscaping can help shed some light on your outdoor lighting installation. 

We offer to reduce the complexities of landscaping and building by managing everything from design to build. Pairing you with one of our North Shore Landscaping Specialists, they will become your single point of contact throughout the project and provide clear communication for a stress-free experience.

Are you ready to light up your life with a dazzling new outdoor lighting system? We'd love to hear about your unique ideas - get in touch today! 

Why choose Zones Landscaping? 

Picture this: after a long day of work, you come home to a peaceful and tranquil garden. Sleek fencing provides privacy from neighbours. An aggregate stone pathway leads you through a myriad of vibrant flora, while carefully placed outdoor solar lighting gives your outdoor area a magical ambience. 

Outdoor lighting has the potential to transform any landscaping project. When done right, outdoor spaces can provide the same level of comfort and functionality as the living spaces inside your home. 

But knowing how to install outdoor garden lighting takes complex skills and knowledge. This is where Zones Landscaping acts as your guide to success. 

Whether you're looking to put your mind at ease with home security motion-sensor lights or want to introduce eco-friendly solutions, we can help. From outdoor LED lighting to outdoor soffit lighting, our Landscaping Specialists boast the best outdoor lighting installers in the North Shore. 

The Zones experience is designed to offer stress-free project management that delivers excellent results on time and budget. Paired with a Landscaping Specialist, they’ll develop a unique lighting plan customised to your desires that considers your home’s electrical and structural layout.

This expert planning will help you avoid costly mistakes and post-completion regrets. Leave it to us to achieve premium results!

What are the current outdoor lighting trends in the North Shore?

Living on the North Shore of Auckland means that you're only a hop, skip and a jump away from various beautiful beaches. With barbecues deeply ingrained into the classic Kiwi summer, nothing makes a garden come alive at night like outdoor lighting.

Your best bet to achieving your perfect outdoor lighting installation is through our North Shore Landscaping Specialists. Working closely with their established networks of outdoor lighting installers and devoted suppliers, you can put your confidence in them to provide a premium service with innovative and efficient project management.

While undergoing your outdoor lighting installation, it's also common for homeowners to consider tackling additional landscaping projects. It’s a great way to save on costs and see your visions come to life much sooner. We advise you to consider your dreams for your entire outdoor space and plan for them in matters of importance.

Does your entranceway need a little TLC? Maybe your deck could do with a bit of extra space, or you might want to build a new one entirely? If this is something you’re contemplating, there's no better time to discuss designs than during your consultation for an outdoor lighting installation. 

What services do Zones Landscaping provide?

At Zones Landscaping, we offer to bring your lightbulb moment into reality. From design to build, you needn't worry about the complexities and finer details of the job. 

From providing detailed timelines and cost-effective budgeting to professional project management and clear communication, we'll take care of everything for you. 

Our outdoor lighting services include:

  • Outdoor lighting installers
  • Outdoor lighting installation
  • Outdoor solar lighting
  • Outdoor soffit lighting
  • Outdoor led lighting
  • Garden lighting
  • Outdoor lighting ideas
  • Outdoor landscaping 

How much will my project cost?

As every project is unique, our Landscaping Specialists will assess your outdoor lighting ideas and home layout to estimate the costs accurately. 

We work hard to ensure your project is completed to budget. So if you have a more modest budget, that’s no problem! We will recommend the best options that give the highest quality for your desired spend.

But for a rough idea, full outdoor lighting installation can range from $1,500 - $30,000+* depending on whether it’s a basic or luxury update.

*Costs are rough estimates and are subject to change. For a fixed-quote accurate to your specific project, please consult your local Zones Landscaping specialist. 

Will Zones Landscaping take care of any required council consent? 

Yes, we take care of any council applications required for these projects.

Our North Shore Landscaping Specialists know the business’s ins and outs and are here to assess and handle all technical complexities as needed.

Ready to talk?

The team at Zones Landscaping are masters of the trade. So whether you want to install small bespoke lighting additions or start afresh completely, we can simplify the process for you. 

If you're ready to discuss how we can bring your dream outdoor space to life, get in touch for a FREE one-hour, no-obligation consultation.