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Whether you are interested in installing a clean and natural turf to your home’s outdoor areas or you are ready for a low-maintenance artificial turf, your local Zones team can help. They’ll take care of all of your turf installation needs as well as any additional landscaping solutions you require. 

What turf installation services do Zones North Shore provide?

Zones provide bespoke landscaping services, including:

  • Landscape design
  • Excavation
  • Site preparation
  • Growing lawns from seed
  • Hydroseed lawn installation
  • Instant lawn installation
  • Artificial turf installation
  • Irrigation and drainage solutions

How much does it cost to install turf in a backyard?

As a ballpark estimate, professionally installed and managed turf installations can range from $20+* per metre (hydroseeding) to $45+* per metre (ready lawn). This excludes the cost of excavation and land preparation. For a cost estimate accurate to your project specifications, please get in touch.

What are the different types of turf?

Depending on your priorities, you may want to opt for artificial grass, ready lawn, hydroseeding or a lawn grown from seed. Artificial grass is a low-maintenance option for those who want an attractive lawn that doesn’t need to watered or mowed and can be used year-round. For those who want a natural lawn installed instantly, a ready lawn will probably be your ideal choice. While not instant, hydroseeding is a fast and efficient way to quickly plant a new lawn that has all of the nutrients that it needs to grow quickly.    

How does the Zones process work?

When you work with Zones, every step of your project can be taken care of by a Landscaping Specialist. This includes a free consultation, site assessment, design, installation and any further landscaping services that you may require. Your Landscaping Specialist will put together a fixed-quote before any work begins and will schedule in and supervise your lawn installation within a planned timeline.

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*costs are rough estimates and are subject to change.