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Also known as living walls, green walls and plant walls - vertical gardens are a beautiful and clever way to add some nature to your surroundings. Your local Zones Landscaping Specialist can provide you with a vertical garden design and installation that takes your theme, ideas and budget into consideration.

What vertical garden installation services do Zones North Shore provide?

Your local Zones team can take care of all of your vertical garden needs, including: 

  • Design
  • Plant selection and sourcing
  • Indoor plant wall installation
  • Outdoor plant wall installation
  • Wall hanging planter installations
  • Irrigation installation
  • Landscaping

How much does it cost to install a vertical garden?

Depending on your ideas and the size of the garden, bespoke vertical gardens can be installed along with an irrigation system for as little as $6,500NZD*. For a cost estimate accurate to your specifications, please get in touch. 

What are the best plants for a vertical garden in NZ?

While New Zealand natives are a common choice for vertical gardens, there are a variety of plants that can work well within a vertical design - provided they are placed in a location that they can thrive in. Grasses, lilies, fuchsias and bromeliads can all work well. For your kitchen, a vertical herb garden can be easily achieved. Your Zones local team will be happy to advise you on the best plants for the location and theme of your vertical garden.

How does the Zones process work?

When you work with Zones, every stage of your project can be taken care of for you. A Zones Landscaping Specialist will work closely with you to ensure your expectations are met every step of the way while they organise and supervise your project’s design, planning, costings, installation and final features. 

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*costs are ballpark estimates and are subject to change.