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Water tank ideas

If water shortages have you considering new ways to water your garden, Zones Landscaping can help. Your local Zones Landscaping Specialist can take care of every stage of your project: whether it be the design and installation of a complex rain harvesting system or simply sourcing and fitting a basic slimline garden tank.   

What water tank installation services do Zones North Shore provide?

Your local Zones Landscaping Specialist can take care of all of your garden water tank needs, including: 

  • Water tank installation (potable & non-potable)
  • Custom water tank designs
  • Designing/installing rain collection systems
  • Rainwater diverter installations
  • Pump installation
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical wiring
  • Irrigation system design + installation
  • Resource/Building Consent applications
  • Landscaping

How much does a water tank installation cost?

Quality 1000-litre - 5000-litre plastic garden tanks cost approximately $500 - $3000+* each, off the shelf. The cost of installing a rainwater tank will depend on whether or not your site requires levelling, how easy the site is to access, the location of the water tank and your project specifications. Your local landscaping specialist can provide you with a cost estimate following a site visit and can also provide you with a fixed-quote for custom water tank and rain collection system designs.  

What are the most common water tank materials?

Plastic (e.g. PVC, polyethylene) is the most affordable and commonly used water tank material. However, concrete and metal are also often used. Appropriately graded polyethylene and concrete tanks can generally be installed above or below ground while metal tanks are best installed above ground, due to corrosion.  

How does the Zones process work?

The Zones process saves you from having to plan, organise, schedule and manage a project yourself. When you work with Zones, you can rely on one Landscaping Specialist to take care of your site inspection, landscape design, planning and council consent applications, costings, team supervision and the final presentation of your project. Your Zones Landscaping Specialist will work with you to create a plan that suits your needs and budget before any work begins. 

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*costs are rough estimates and are subject to change.