Pergola Builders & Louvre Roof Specialists in Nelson

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With the number of sunshine hours to be enjoyed in Nelson, an outdoor area at your home will be well utilised. But sometimes it’s nice to escape those UV rays, find a shady spot to rest and recline in, or sit outside in the warmth without worrying about applying yet more sunscreen.

That’s where pergolas and louvre roofs come in handy. Get in touch with your local Zones Landscaping Consultant in Nelson to discuss stylish shade options at your home.

Why choose Zones Landscaping?

Kiwis have a can-do attitude when it comes to landscaping, but sometimes projects can get out of hand or are a little more complex than first thought. That’s where the benefits of working with Zones Landscaping come in. Our team of local Landscaping Consultants have the knowledge and expertise to manage your landscaping project, and a network of local trusted professionals they can call upon to get the job done. This approach makes for a stress-free landscaping experience for you to enjoy.

How does it all work? At Zones, the first stage of our process is a free no-obligation consultation with one of our local Landscaping Consultants. This one-hour meeting gives you the opportunity to talk through your ideas and share your vision for what you’d like your landscape to look like. Your Landscaping Consultant can offer advice and then use this information to provide you with a fixed quote, so there are no costly surprises once construction begins.

The design of your landscape is also part of our process. Once you’ve approved both design and budget, your Landscaping Consultant then oversees the construction and completion of your project. Throughout it all, they remain your single point of contact so any questions you have can be directed to them. They’ll also ensure your project progresses on time and to budget.

If you’re ready to embark on a landscaping project that is stress-free and enjoyable, and you can guarantee great results, get in touch with your local Landscaping Consultant in Nelson.

What type of pergola is best?

If you’re adding a pergola or louvre roof to your home, the best type is one that matches your home. This will provide consistency of style and ensure your pergola doesn’t look like it’s simply been tacked onto the outside of your property.

Homes that have traditional character will benefit from a wooden pergola or louvre roofing. Wooden beams come in different thicknesses and can be tailored to the contours of your house. Privacy screens can complement a wooden pergola, as can native planting.

For a more contemporary look, consider louvre roofs. Steel or aluminium framing can come in different colours to match your home, giving your outdoor area a touch of modern style with a great deal of functionality. 

Your local Nelson Landscaping Consultant can provide you with some further ideas on the best type of pergola for your home.

What pergola building services does Zones provide in Nelson?

Adding a pergola or louvre roof to your Nelson home could be considered a relatively easy DIY task, until the dimensions, height, scale, weight, contours, and finishing is taken into consideration. That’s why our local Zones Landscaping Consultants have a network of trusted professionals they call upon to get the job done right. It also means they can offer a range of services to ensure you get the right pergola or louvre roof constructed for your home.

Our pergola building services include:

  • Custom pergola designs
  • Louvre roofs
  • Carports
  • Gazebos
  • Awning installations
  • Trellis design + build
  • Gazebo design + build
  • Privacy screen installations
  • Permanent outdoor roofing solutions
  • Landscaping

How much does a pergola cost in Nelson?

If you’re considering adding a pergola or louvre roof to your home in Nelson, cost will be a factor. At Zones, our local Landscaping Consultants will provide you with a fixed quote specific for your project, once they understand the size and style of the pergola you want.

But, to provide you with some initial information, here are some other pergola projects the Zones Landscaping team has worked on.

A macrocarpa pergola was added to this Auckland property to provide cover for the homeowners’ new swim spa pool. It was just one of the elements of this landscape design, which also included concrete hardscaping, planting, and outdoor lighting for a cost of $60,000.

Another backyard transformation, which centred around an upmarket barbecue, included a ClearVue pergola to protect guests from harmful UV rays. The overall cost of upgrading this outdoor area was $94,000, but the pergola was just one aspect of it. 

For a fixed-quote accurate to your specific project, please consult your local Zones Landscaping Consultant. 

Do you need a permit to build a pergola or louvre roof?

Some pergolas and louvre roofs will require permits; others may not. It depends on such considerations as to the size of your pergola, where you want it to sit in your landscape, and how close it is to your neighbour’s property. Your local Zones Landscaping Consultant in Nelson will be able to advise you on whether or not your pergola or louvre roof needs a permit. And, if it does, they’ll sort all the paperwork for you.

Planning to Build a Pergola?

If you’re planning to build a pergola or want to add a louvre roof to your outdoor area, get in touch with your local Nelson Landscaping Consultant from Zones today for a free one-hour consultation.