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Cruise up to your home in style with a driveway that is built to stand the test of time. While a driveway may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about landscaping, it certainly is one of the most used landscape features of a property. Let the driveway installers at Zones Tauranga help you pave the way.

What services do Zones' Tauranga driveway contractors provide?

  • Driveway designs & installation 
  • Concrete driveways
  • Asphalt driveways
  • Permeable driveways
  • Gravel driveways
  • Paved driveways
  • Driveway lighting
  • Driveway planting plans

What are the different driveway options?

Classic paving as such is one of many ways that you can choose to surface your driveway. Pavers come in many different sizes and styles, and the Zones bricklayers and paving contractors can discuss the different options with you. Pavers are typically made from concrete or clay and there are permeable varieties, such as the Firth EcoPave permeable range. Pavers are a good, flexible option, however, they do require a sound base and on-going weed control.

Apart from pavers, stabilised gravel and concrete are the most popular driveway options in Tauranga and Mount Maunganui, as well as the wider Bay of Plenty.

Gravel is a cost-effective material and will provide a natural look and interesting texture to your driveway. With good base preparation and stabilisation it’s a long-term, low maintenance driveway solution. You could also consider stabilised lawn to soften the look of your property, although that’s not as commonly seen.

Concrete driveways are very durable when designed and installed properly. While concrete driveways all need to be built to minimise driveway cracks, there are many possibilities to personalise concrete and choose a finish that works in with the style of your house and garden. Options include stamped concrete, exposed or polished concrete, coloured concrete and concrete aggregate.

Concrete Driveways Tauranga

Another great way to create interest and integrate your driveway more into the overall landscaping design of your section is to combine different materials. Gravel works well in combination with stone borders, for example, and concrete can look great with timber inserts or railway sleepers along its borders. Other materials include brick, asphalt and natural stone paving. Granite and other natural stone sit at the top end of the budget spectrum for driveway materials.

What’s involved in building a driveway?

Detailed planning goes a long way to ensure your driveway blends into the landscaping design of your garden, and offers the best functionality and value for money. Once a design concept and scope of work are agreed on, demolition work and earthworks can begin. This will include installing adequate drainage and retaining, as well as preparing the base. Once all this is completed, the final layer can be installed to create the driveway surface you are after.

For some newer housing developments, the council has specified a requirement that you need to be able to turn your car around within your property as a safety rule. This will normally be planned while the house is designed, but it’s worth checking if your project needs to adhere to this or any other regulations. Zones can take care of any council consent applications for you. 

When you are planning the design of a new driveway, it’s a good time to consider other improvements or landscape work that could be integrated and completed alongside the driveway. Driveway gates and fencing are often a good addition to a new driveway, along with letterboxes, lighting and carports. Having a dedicated pedestrian entrance and footpath that leads up the house can be a valuable and stylish add-on, too. If your site is steep or sloping, you may need to include retaining walls and could consider a planting plan. Even for short driveways, a good option is to step the driveway in from the fence and soften the hard edge up with lush pants. In addition to paving services, Zones provides a full suite of landscaping services to help you transform your outdoor spaces.

How much does a driveway cost?

Much of the final cost of a driveway building or resurfacing project will depend on the amount of preparation and foundation work that needs to be completed before the surface of the driveway can be put in place. Drainage and grading work are part of this. While earthworks generally come with a potentially hefty price tag, it is worth investing in getting your driveway level and properly retained where that’s applicable. This will assure that you are building a hardwearing driveway that will stand the test of time, which will in turn help you save money further down the track by avoiding driveway cracks and the need for unnecessary maintenance.

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The team at Zones offer a free one-hour consultation at your property to give you an idea of what can be achieved and what’s realistic within certain budget ranges. Following an initial design concept and budget range indication, Zones will provide you with a fixed price quote and a scope of work before the demolition and building work will commence, so you know exactly what to expect.

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