Re-inventing the way people access water outdoors.

The House Hydrant is the ultimate, 'no- compromise' hose tap; easier to use, more durable, eco-friendly, and better looking.

The traditional outdoor brass hose tap was originally invented in the early 1900’s, and not much of its design has changed.

Outdoor brass hose taps are one of the most common sources of leaks for homeowners. Fixing a faulty hose tap can mean saving thousands of litres of water annually. In cold climates, hose taps are one of the most common sources of water damage in buildings.

A lot has changed since the 1900s with improved manufacturing processes and technology, but the traditional brass hose tap remained the same until Aquor re-invented the way people accessed water outdoors.

Using high-tech materials, quality manufacturing methods, and a user-centric design approach, they’re making products that are easy to use, and built to last.

The House Hydrant is the ultimate, ‘no- compromise’ hose tap; easier to use, more durable, eco-friendly, and better looking than anything on the market.

The Aquor New Zealand range incorporates the best of form meets function. Forget threading on garden hoses and adaptors every time you need to access water outside. Just plug in the garden hose connector, and water turns on automatically.

No pliers needed and no hassling trying to thread hoses and adaptors on with wet hands. The Aquor House Hydrant range is easy to use; simply attach the Aquor connector to your garden hose and plug into the House Hydrant. Water flow starts immediately when connected, and stops instantly when disconnected.

After it is unplugged, the hydrant automatically self drains to prevent freezing.

The range includes house hydrants, universal outlets, and vacuum breaker connections with a choice of brushed stainless or matte black titanium caps.

The House Hydrant sits flush against the wall for a low-profile and sleek appearance. Unlike brass hose taps, the House Hydrant does not use a traditional screw-and-washer mechanism to seal.

Aquor’s unique valve uses water pressure to close once the connector is unplugged. The result is a stronger, more reliable seal, even at high water pressures.

Learn more about this product at Aquor here

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