How to avoid 5 common mistakes when fencing a pool

Designing and installing a new pool is by no means a cheap endeavour, so it’s important that the final space delivers on both form and function. With that in mind, we’ve put together the three most common swimming pool fence mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Compromising Quality

Don’t think that you can cut corners on the quality of the fencing to lower the cost of the overall project. Choose a trusted supplier in BelAire Fencing and get us involved from the very beginning of the project. If you are going to the expense of paying for a private swimming pool, then you want to make sure that the entire job is finished to the best standards. The potential loss you could incur due to poor quality materials or a bad install far outweighs the initial investment in quality products and service. We have a 10yr warranty on both our aluminium slat and glass pool fencing, so you can rest assured that our products are high-quality products that we stand behind.

2. Compromising Safety

There are 101 ways to install a pool fence while still meeting F9 Compliance and local council requirements. From a compliance perspective, it’s important to understand what the pool fence laws are in your region and to seek professional advice in the first instance to ensure that your fence will meet these, as it can be a costly exercise to change the design later down the track. BelAire can help you achieve peace of mind that your fence provides an adequate barrier between your pool and your loved ones.

3. Overlooking Maintenance

Unprotected fencing materials are susceptible to the elements, and over time, wear and tear will drastically depreciate the look of your pool area. 
Glass fencing is porous and absorbs contaminants such as salt spray and chlorine, which leads to etching and discoloured glass.

4. Glass Coatings

Using an easy clean coating such as EnduroShield creates a protective barrier that cause the contaminants to bead up on the protected surface and are easily wiped off, as opposed to it being absorbed by the glass.
EnduroShield keeps glass cleaner for longer, significantly reducing cleaning time —saving you time, money, and water.

5. Certified Products

Regardless of what material you use, it’s important to make sure you choose a certified, warranted product by a trusted installer. Whilst it might cost you a bit more upfront to ensure that both the compliance and design come out on top, the initial outlay is often recouped in the long term.

If you are considering putting in a new pool fence, give our team at BelAire a call.

The team at BelAire Designer Fencing we have a wealth of knowledge to draw on when designing your new outdoor pool area. Alongside this we also utilise a 3D software to design your project which helps with visualisation of what your completed fence will look like to ensure customer satisfaction.

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