Tips for Your Perfect Pool This Summer In Tauranga

Pool with outdoor lighting

Summer is on its way and, if you’re like us, you’ll be looking forward to making a splash in your backyard pool with friends and family. But after a long winter, pools need some TLC to make sure they’re ready for the warmer weather and the first dip of the season. Dive into these top tips from our expert Tauranga swimming pool contractors to ensure your pool is ready for a summer of fun!

Get rid of the green, keep it clean!

Let’s be honest, your pool has probably been a little (or a lot!) neglected over the winter months, but if you have a pool full of leaves and algae, don’t despair! You can bring it back to brilliant blue with a good clean. Scoop up leaves and dirt and give the pool cover a scrub before switching your automatic pool cleaning equipment back on. 

Don’t stop there; you should also remove any calcium build up by cleaning the filter, descaling the chlorinator, and scrubbing down the walls in the pool. When the sun is shining and you have a clear, sparkling pool to dive into, you’ll be thanking yourself!

new pool in Tauranga

Test your equipment

Don’t wait for a scorching day in the Bay to make sure all your pool equipment is working - tackle this task now so the pool is ready once the mercury rises. Check your chlorinator cell, filters, O ring and pump, as well as your heater if applicable.

If you don’t have an automatic pool cleaner, now is a great time to install one, as it takes a lot of the work out of keeping your pool in pristine condition for the swimming season.

Get Pruning

It’s not all about the water; it’s also important to tidy up those plants around the pool area before summer arrives. Keeping trees and bushes pruned not only makes your poolscape look better, but it reduces the debris falling into the pool and on your decking.

Lacking landscaping or poolscaping altogether? We can help with that! Our outdoor renovation experts can help design and deliver beautiful swimming pool landscaping that can really elevate your outdoor living area. This stunning pool in Tauranga is a great example of landscaping that complements the site, by utilising large palms and keeping the planting along the edge of the outdoor area to develop a spacious feel. 

Pool beneath shade-sail

Safety First

Is your decking safe? Is your fencing secure? Is your pool still compliant with council regulations? When it comes to pools, safety should always be your number one priority. Zones Landscaping Consultants are up to date with all local Tauranga regulations and by-laws, so if you have any questions, concerns, or doubts about the safety of your pool, they can help! And if anything needs to be remedied, they can take care of every detail for you. Upgrading your pool fencing or decking can breathe new life into your pool area and transform the look of your outdoors. 

Level up your Landscaping

Investing in professional landscaping can level up your pool area and create a true backyard oasis for your family to enjoy. Our talented swimming pool landscapers can help you design a concept that is perfectly suited to your property like this stunning example in Welcome Bay, but in the meantime, use our swimming pool landscaping ideas below to kick start your imagination!

  • Plant lush, tropical foliage for a relaxing resort feel
  • Expand the pool decking space with xeriscaping
  • Build a rock wall along one portion of the pool
  • Add built in planters for visual interest
  • Add raised wooden decking
  • Use spaced out concrete pavers with grass in between
  • Use hedges for privacy
  • Use lighting around the pool area to enhance the landscape
pool landscaping with timber deck
Modern family garden perfect for entertaining in Tauranga

Create a True Outdoor Entertainment Area

If you really want to elevate your outdoors and make the most of your pool, then we can help you design a stunning entertainment area. Adding a pergola, firepit, outdoor audio and visual elements, new decking, or even an outdoor kitchen will transform your space into more than just a pool, but a true backyard retreat. This renovation in Te Puna included new decking, pergola with louvre roofing, BBQ space and more, and is just one example of how your pool landscape can be transformed.

Unique shaped swimming pool

Ready for a consultation with one of our poolscape experts?

When it comes to pools and landscaping, we are the Tauranga experts, so get in touch to arrange a free, no obligation consultation with one of our friendly local Zones landscaping specialists. From decking and fences, to landscaping and pool renovation, we are here to help!

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