Decking for Every Budget: A Guide for Wellington Homeowners

Decking and pergola

From materials to design and costs, the experts at Zones Landscaping have put together a comprehensive guide to ensuring your Wellington decking project is a success.

What to know before creating a deck

Wellington's climate demands sturdy, weather-resistant decks that can withstand the city's infamous wind and rain. It pays to have some idea of which decking is right for you prior to engaging a pergola and deck specialist. Things to consider when exploring deck ideas are:

Orientation: This plays a vital role in maximising sunlight exposure while minimising wind impact, ensuring year-round enjoyment of your outdoor space.

Function: The function of your deck, whether it's for entertaining guests, relaxing with family, or hosting outdoor meals, should guide its design and layout.

Visual aesthetic: These considerations encompass everything from the choice of materials to landscaping elements, ensuring your deck complements the overall look and feel of your home.

Safety: This is paramount, especially in a region prone to strong winds and inclement weather, necessitating sturdy construction and adherence to building codes.

Roofed or open: Whether you opt for a covered deck to shield against the downpours or an open-air space to bask in the sun, understanding the nuances of each design is key to creating your outdoor retreat.

Different types of decking materials

The choice of decking material significantly affects both the aesthetics and longevity of your deck. Decking timber, including hardwoods like Kwila and softwoods like pine, offers a natural charm but requires regular maintenance. Alternatively, composite, PVC, and aluminium decks are low-maintenance options with varying degrees of durability. For those seeking sustainability, options like garapa and environmentally-friendly hardwoods like macrocarpa provide eco-conscious choices, while concrete decking offers durability and a modern aesthetic, ideal for contemporary homes.

How much does a deck cost in Wellington?

The cost of decking in Wellington varies depending on factors such as choice of materials, deck size, and additional features like roofing. A basic deck or pergola design is likely to cost $10,000–$20,000, while the premium option can be in the realm of $30,000–$50,000.

Softwood decking is relatively affordable, making it a popular choice for budget-conscious homeowners, while hardwood decking, including Kwila and macrocarpa, tends to be pricier but offers greater longevity. Composite, PVC, aluminium, and exotic hardwoods like garapa come at a higher initial cost but require less maintenance over time.

When budgeting, incorporate both material costs and construction expenses, such as labour, permits, and regulations compliance.

How to plan your deck budget to avoid blowout

Thorough planning is essential to prevent budget blowouts during your decking project. Ensure you consider all factors when creating your planning checklist:

Size: Start by accurately estimating the size of your deck, considering both current and future needs.

Materials: Choose materials wisely, balancing upfront costs with long-term maintenance requirements.

Labour and accessibility: Factor in labour costs, which can vary depending on the complexity of your design and accessibility to the construction site. Consider, too, if  you’ll need to excavate for the foundations,

Permits and regulations: Be mindful of local regulations and permit costs, ensuring compliance from the outset to avoid unexpected and unwanted expenses down the line.

Decking in Wellington offers a versatile way to enhance your outdoor living spaces, but it requires careful planning and consideration of various elements. By understanding the different types of materials available, estimating costs accurately, and planning diligently, you can create a beautiful and functional deck that suits your budget and lifestyle.

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