Garden design trends for your outdoor living

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Those lucky enough to have an outdoor terrace, patio, or yard of their own know that, like the plants and flowers contained within them, gardens flourish in direct proportion to the care and consideration exercised on them.

But in recent years, the push to turn these green spaces into extensions of the home—equal parts form and function—has inspired designers to think bigger, informing their use of foliage, structure, and materials in surprising ways. Naturally, some ideas are better than others.

Renovate polled Zones Landscaping to see which garden trends they expect to reach critical mass this year, from the new “it” plant (fear not, succulent lovers) to the ornamental flora of the future. Scroll through the list, then get to work. After all, spring has already sprung.

The urban jungle

Smaller houses, more people renting and an ironic passion for Seventies kitsch has led to a trend for indoor plants. Instagram allows hipsters the opportunity to boast about their cheese and rubber plants, often displayed in macramé hangers.

Kmart is embracing micro living and urban gardening with the Krydda range of indoor cultivators. Plus 52 percent of home owners now use houseplants to counter pollution, say market researchers Mintel. They say the interest in anti-pollution products is influenced by Chinese Feng Shui and the spectre of the Paris Climate Summit.

Colour me happy

Neutrals might be "in" in home décor, but outside, vibrant hues are trending. Instead of soft creams and pinks, flower beds will burst with bright orange, rich red, electric yellow, and brilliant fuchsia and purples.

Climate-Minded Gardens

Being climate-minded doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your beautiful landscape. As gardeners adapt to the climate, flower varieties that save water are becoming available. Look for native and drought-tolerant plants, says Zones Landscaping.

Rockin’ extreme maximalist gardens

Here's a landscaping trend we love: incorporating natural elements like rocks, boulders, and overgrown hedges for more structure. There is not much to say, but it is definitely rocking the garden scene.

Floratourism and Millennial Gardens

Say what? Too much technology has had young people heading to the great outdoors to unplug and connect with nature, says Zones Landscaping. This movement can be seen in several trends including glamping and rustic dude ranches as popular vacation retreats, botanical gardens getting more foot traffic, and community gardens popping up in cities. And Zones predicts that millennials will embrace gardening more and more in the coming year as a respite from their digitally driven lives.

Make a statement

Rather than sweat the small stuff, fill a large pot with a stunning "statement" plant to serve as the focal point of your garden. According to Zones, plant breeders have introduced varieties of boxwoods, compact hydrangeas, pomegranates, berries, and more that all make great "one-pot wonders" and require less maintenance.

Smaller scale luxury

Large shrubs, hydrangea hedges, and crawling clematis hint at luxury, but if you don't have the space, you can still get the same aesthetic. Compact versions of these traditionally large plants have become available. Look for mini rose gardens, smaller-scale hydrangeas, and more manageable clematis.

Tough and tender balance

A sure way to elevate any outdoor space in 2017? Combine a mix of hardy, low-maintenance plants (think succulents, roses, and hydrangeas) with delicate, romantic varieties (like Itoh peonies and wisteria).

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