Transform your backyard with an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchen on a deck beneath a pergola

If you love the idea of friends and family gathering around your deck for dinner, then an outdoor kitchen could be just what you need to elevate your entertaining. From built-in grills and pizza ovens, to outdoor fridges and islands, Zones Waitakere are the local experts when it comes to customising your outdoor living. We tailor our designs to your needs and budget. Have questions about creating your perfect alfresco kitchen? Read our handy guide below, or get in touch for a free, no obligation consultation today!

Outdoor Kitchen design with hot plate on the benchtop

Different types of outdoor kitchens

There are countless outdoor kitchen ideas, but your kitchen will be influenced by the available space you have and your budget. And whether you’re wanting a simple BBQ space with shade and seating, or a luxury outdoor kitchen with countertops and appliances, the best results come from careful planning. Our landscaping consultants work with you to design and refine a concept that delivers exactly what you want from your outdoor kitchen. 

When considering an outdoor BBQ kitchen, decide whether you want your BBQ to be built in or freestanding, and whether you want additional functional features such as a wok or rotisserie. Think about the counter space you need – do you plan to prep inside, or do you want a full benchtop? Adding an undercounter outdoor fridge and icemaker can be a real bonus, while an outdoor sink is vital for food handling hygiene.

It's also important to think about shelter. Do you want to be able to use your outdoor kitchen year-round, or only in the summer? A pergola or sunshade might be a suitable option if you only plan to cook when the weather is fine, but for a space that’s usable whatever the season, adjustable louvre roofing is a great option.

Outdoor firepit

Advantages of an outdoor kitchen in Waitakere

Outdoor kitchen designers can transform your living, by offering you a fun and relaxed way to entertain, additional cooking space, and the ability to beat the heat in summer. If you’re considering investing in an outdoor kitchen, other advantages include:

Increasing your home’s value: An outdoor kitchen is both an investment in your lifestyle, and an investment in your home. Adding an outdoor kitchen to your West Auckland home can add market value to your property.

Saving on power: Swap the sweltering kitchen for an outdoor grill and enjoy a cool breeze while you whip up a delicious dinner alfresco.

Additional living space: An outdoor grill or kitchen as part of a well-planned deck or patio is a great way to increase your living area. With an easy flow between indoors and out, your outdoor kitchen and dining space will feel like a natural extension of your home.

Leaving odours outdoors: If you enjoy cooking but dislike the lingering aroma of fragrant food, then outdoor kitchens are the answer. Cooking and eating outdoors keeps any smoke and grease outside too!

Cooking up a storm: Never run out of food prep space again! When you’ve got a crowd to feed, a bonus outdoor kitchen can help you keep on top of things, ensuring there’s enough oven and cooktop space to keep the masses happy. 

Outdoor kitchen alongside stone wall

Features to add to your West Auckland outdoor kitchen

Planning an outdoor kitchen is exciting! Apart from the essential solid BBQ or built-in grill, here are some of our favourite features for a fabulous outdoor living space: 

  • Pergola and Louvre roofing: Make the most of your new outdoor grill by investing in shade and shelter for maximum use year-round.
  • Bench space: If you really want to create an enjoyable outdoor cooking experience, add adequate bench space. You need it inside, and you’ll more often than not need it outside, too.
  • Island: Relax and enjoy time with guests by having an island with bench seating. Great for chatting while the steak sizzles!
  • Fridge and ice: Keep your drinks, meat, and condiments cool. Don’t underestimate how handy an outdoor fridge can be! There’s little pleasure in running back and forth to the kitchen.
  • Storage: There’s nothing worse than a cluttered workspace. Don’t forget to include a storage drawer or cupboard.
  • Pizza oven: Take outdoor entertaining to the next level with an outdoor pizza oven. Whether it’s a built-in brick number, or one of the new portable options, a pizza oven is a great addition to an outdoor kitchen design.
  • Seating: Plan to have enough room for comfortable seating. You’ll want a dining table at minimum, but an outdoor lounge suite is a bonus!
  • Heating: Keep things cosy with outdoor heating, and your gathering can last well into the night!
  • Sound: Built-in speakers or a projector are great for music and movie nights (but remember the neighbours!)
Outdoor kitchen beside the pool

What you need to know when designing your outdoor kitchen

The functionality and flow of your outdoor kitchen is just as important as your kitchen indoors. Make sure the design facilitates how you intend to use the space. For example, you’ll want the BBQ or grill close enough to the dining area to make things easy, but not so close that people are eating in a cloud of smoke. Do you want the cooking space separated so it’s easy to keep little ones safe, or would you like it open so you’re mingling with guests? Think, too, about prevailing winds and seasonal sun shadows, and what (if any) complementary landscaping would enhance the space. Our expert landscape designers can help you with that.

Indoor-outdoor flow is one of the most important things to consider when planning an outdoor kitchen. To maximise this aspect, homeowners often install bifold or stacking doors between indoor living or dining areas and the new outdoor room. Sliding windows that can open from the kitchen and allow you to pass dishes outside is another idea to create synergy between your indoor and outdoor spaces. Including louvre roofing or a pergola will also make the space a natural extension of your home. 

Explore our structured 5-step stress-free process for creating your dream outdoor kitchen in West Auckland!

Rooftop outdoor kitchen

What are the different aspects involved in an outdoor kitchen installation?

Our experienced landscaping consultants will expertly manage every element of your outdoor kitchen project, from the initial concept phase, through to sourcing the right materials, coordinating trade schedules, and applying for any required council consent or building permits.

Every project is different, but in general an installation will include an initial consultation; concept, design, and costing phase; council consent; any excavation or site preparation work; and build and installation. We are here to make your outdoor renovation as simple and stress-free as possible, with our end-to-end service.

Ready to plan your outdoor kitchen?

Don’t put off your outdoor kitchen dream any longer! Get in touch with Zones today for a free consultation and let us help you design an outdoor space that you love. 

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