Glass Pool Fencing from PlaceMakers

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PlaceMakers provide a modern choice of glass system for pool fencing at a very affordable price, with a 20-year warranty and a large range of sizes to suit most applications.

Scenik frameless glass pool fencing is invisibly superior – it’s crystal clear without the green tint that you get with inferior brands. Enjoy lounging by the pool on the deck with nothing to interrupt your view. Relax behind a strong, effective wind barrier and take in all-day sunshine as Scenik casts no shadows.

With uninterrupted views, you’ll always be able to keep your eye on the kids as they play in the pool. Scenik’s 12mm thick toughened safety glass has polished bevelled edges, you’ll know they’ll also be safe and sound outside the fence. Our gates also use a self-closing hinge with a side pull latch that insures they’ll never be left open by mistake.

Scenik glass can be installed on a variety of surfaces, including tiled areas, pavers, timber decks, concrete and across landscaped areas – making it a truly versatile option for swimming pools. This is due to the comprehensive hardware range that can be customised to give a modern architectural look for your property.

Our toughened safety glass that comes with the PAS Mark AS/NZS2208 marking on every panel. A site-specific PS1 producer statements are available when required for council compliance. It is crucial when planning your pool fence that you find out whether these are available as lesser fencing systems do not comply with NZS4223:2016 balustrade loading requirements.

You can choose to upgrade your standard Scenik glass with EnduroShield.  Enduroshield is an invisible, non-stick coating that reduces cleaning time by up to 90%. It works by filling in the minute cavities present in the standard glass, creating a super-smooth surface that grime and lime find it hard to adhere to. Your pool glass stays cleaner for longer, and it’s a breeze to rinse down. The factory applied Enduroshield treatment comes with a 10-year warranty so you know it is going to last.

Scenik glass balustrades and pool fencing are available from any PlaceMakers branch nationwide. Click here for more info.

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