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Lush green lawns are one of life’s joys but growing sowing grass seeds yourself can be time-consuming and frustrating. Instant lawns can transform your muddy patch into an emerald oasis. Those who are yearning for a bit of green space in their backyard, but don’t have the time or inclination to create a lawn themselves, are well-advised to consider investing in some form of instant lawn. From ready lawn to top-end artificial turf, there is a wide range of options to suit all price points.

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How much does hydroseeding cost?

At around $15+ per metre, hydroseeding is an excellent and cost-effective (almost) instant lawn solution. This lawn option involves spraying a wood fibre mulch over a surface that has been prepared for the seeds; the mulch provides a moisture-rich bed in which the seeds can germinate. This mulch also protects against the weather and birds (but not completely) and the prevents the growth of weeds while the seeds germinate.

In warmer weather, you can expect to see results in under a week, so while it’s not an instant lawn, it’s not far from it. Tracey Barker from Zones Landscaping says that hydroseeding is an attractive option for homeowners wanting to create an attractive lawn space on their property.  “Lawns are still popular, but we seem to do a lot of hydroseeding rather than ready lawn as it is far more cost-effective and, long-term, seems to give a better lawn if looked after properly,” she explains.

Hydroseeding will cost anything from $400+ for a small garden for application, but this still works out as a cheaper option than other instant lawns.

Costs for hydroseeding

From $15/m, installed (excludes prep work)*

Low Range Artificial Grass in NZ

How much does a ready-lawn cost?

Ready-lawn is probably the best-known instant lawn option. More expensive than hydroseeding (around $30+ per metre), it has a range of benefits that make it a great solution for those with a budget that’s a little higher.

One of the main benefits is that it really is instant. While hydroseeding is less pricey, it can take around three weeks to really establish, whereas with ready lawns you just roll out and you’re ready to go. The other main benefits include even coverage, no seed loss from pesky birds or inclement weather, and the lawns can be cut to fit any lawn shape.

Costs for Ready lawns

From $30+ per metre, installed. (excludes prep work)*

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How much do Woolgro lawns cost?

Highly innovative Woolgro lawn mats are another option for those on a higher budget, Woolgro is a woollen blanket made from crushed dag wool, combined with fibre from recycled coffee sacks. Dag wool contains a range of nutrients that grass seed loves, and jute fibre has excellent water rendition properties, and the combination is ideal for growing grass.

Installation services for Woolgro is available in the Auckland, Christchurch and Bay of Plenty regions, or DIYers can give it a go themselves as the product can be shipped nationwide. Woolgro sells them for $59.95 per 7.5 m2 roll, but you will have to pay for extras that are included in the installation costs. The all-natural recycled fibres hold over 50 per cent of their own weight in water, which ensures that the germination occurs quickly and smoothly and you have the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting a great homegrown Kiwi idea.

Costs for Woolgro lawns

From $59.95+ per 7.5 m2 roll, excludes installation.* 

How much does an artificial lawn cost?

Synthetic lawns are becoming the go-to option for many homeowners, due to their easy maintenance and year-round usability. Synthetic lawns mean that you don't need to worry about pushing the lawn-mower through mud, or the mess that comes with kids running in-and-out throughout the winter. Advanced designs also mean that synthetic lawns are able to closely resemble their natural alternative. Specialists such as Teamturf also offer an 8-year manufacturers warranty.

Cost for artificial lawns

From $70 per m2, installed.*

Looking for inspiration?

Be sure to check out this family-friendly landscape design, which includes a ready-lawn installation + landscaped pool and garden.

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