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Article: Mina Phillips

A basic outdoor social zone can easily and affordably be achieved with the help of some outdoor furniture and a decent sized cantilever umbrella. However, if you have a budget of $20,000 or more, you can really get serious about outdoor entertaining. If you’re curious about what type of outdoor room can be achieved within a basic, mid-range or high-end budget, keep reading.  


Basic outdoor room costs ($20,000 - $40,000)*

Basic by no means needs to be boring. A budget of $20,000 - $40,000* can get you a lovely outdoor lounge or barbeque area complete with some shade from the sun. Locate your outdoor area next to your house, and you’ll have the added benefit of additional shade and wind protection, without the costs involved in constructing the surroundings. 

NZ outdoor room basic

How much will it cost to build a basic deck?

The cost of your deck will depend on a range of factors, including the height, materials, design and the site conditions. When working within a budget, building a deck under 1m high is ideal as decks over 1m may require council consent - which will significantly add to the costs involved. Materials are also an important consideration, with softwoods such as pine or macrocarpa being affordable choices for those on a budget; starting from around $450* per m2, with decks over 1m high costing closer to $1000* per m2. 

Basic deck prices start from:

$450* per m2, installed.

nz barbecue area

How much will it cost to install a pergola and shade sail?

While a pergola and shade sail might not be an all-weather solution to outdoor entertaining, it can provide a lovely outdoor area to lounge and socialise in throughout the summer. Depending on the height and location of your pergola, if it’s unroofed it likely won’t require council consent. However, it’s best to check this with a landscaping specialist before beginning your project. For a basic 3 x 3 wooden pergola installation that doesn’t require council consent, prices start from around $6,000*. Pick yourself up a shade sail from Mitre 10 for around $200* and you’ll be all set for a social summer!  

Pergola and shade sail prices start from:

Basic 3x3 wooden pergola: $6,900*, installed.

Shade sail: $200*, excludes installation.

How much will basic outdoor furniture cost?

With the construction side of your basic outdoor room complete, the next step is to focus on creating a comfortable and enjoyable space. Outdoor lounges or dining sets start from around $1500* - if you can’t afford a new deck or pergola at present, some outdoor furniture alone will set a comfortable outdoor scene.  

Basic outdoor furniture-set pricing starts from:


How much will basic outdoor lighting cost?

If you’re working within a budget, you’ll probably want to avoid lighting that will require professional installation. Instead, opt for solar lights. There is a range to choose from: spotlights, path lights, lanterns and string lights, to name a few. Mitre 10’s prices start from as little as $5* per light! 

Basic outdoor lighting prices start from:

$5* per light, excludes installation.

For examples of projects within this price range, check out this entertainment area in Papamoa or this outdoor room in Hobsonville. 


Mid-range outdoor room costs ($40,000 - $55,000)*

With a little more room in your budget, you can start looking at designing and building an outdoor room that provides year-round coverage. Think high-quality materials, an opening louvre roof, some minor landscaping - and you’ve got yourself an outdoor living and dining area.

How much will it cost to build a mid-range patio?

For a patio installation, your material options range from basic concrete through to aesthetic pavers. Concrete can be installed from $575 per m2, while pavers can be installed for around $310 per m2. 

Mid-range patio installations start from:

Concrete patio: $575* per m2, installed.

Paving: $360* per m2, installed. 

(Excludes excavation and preparation)

outdoor patio

How much will it cost to install a louvre roof?

For those who want to be able to have access to both sunlight and full-coverage, an opening louvre roof is a must. These roofs can be adjusted as needed to let the sun in on warmer days and also allows you to enjoy full coverage on rainy days. For ultimate weather protection, consider having screens installed across the walls of your louvre room.

Louvre roof installations start from:


louvre installation in nz

How much will it cost to install outdoor LED lighting?

Durable outdoor lighting starts from around $200* each. This excludes the costs of hiring a landscape designer to create a lighting plan, and of hiring an electrician to install the lights. 

Outdoor LED lighting starts from:

$200* each, excluding installation.

How much will it cost to install an outdoor kitchen?

On the lower end of the price range, achieving an outdoor kitchen might be as simple as installing a BBQ or basic pizza oven from your local manufacturer, both can be purchased at around the $1,000+* mark. For a bit more pizzazz, opt for an outdoor kitchen island with built-in cooking and cleaning features - these start from around $6,000* each.  

Outdoor kitchen prices start from:

$6,000*, excluding installation.

outdoor kitchen

How much does outdoor heating cost?

With year-round outdoor living comes the necessity of outdoor heating. You might opt for an outdoor fireplace or a gas or electric heater. Standard patio heaters usually can be found within a $500 - $1,000* price range, while outdoor fireplaces fall within a $5,000 - $10,000* price range. To get the most out of your fireplace, consider having an indoor/outdoor fireplace installed in a wall between your interior and exterior spaces.   

Standard outdoor heating prices start from:

$500*, excluding installation.

outdoor room of luxury property

How much does mid-range outdoor furniture cost?

On a mid-range budget, you might want to carefully select key pieces of furniture that compliment your outdoor surroundings. Consider looking at designer dining and/or lounge sets. Designer outdoor furniture starts at around $500* per chair, $1,000* per table, while outdoor lounge sets can be found for around $3,500+*.

Designer outdoor furniture-set pricing starts from:


outdoor covered area with furniture

If you’re looking for inspiration, be sure to check out this outdoor room in Stonefields, which includes a patio extension, louvre roof installation, fireplace installation and LED lighting.


High-end outdoor room costs ($55,000 - $95,000+)*

Now we’re really getting to the good stuff - luxurious year-round outdoor rooms that can be used for entertaining or winding down after a long day. Think aesthetic and durable materials, exquisite lighting plans, bespoke features, custom furniture and, of course, a spacious louvre roof suitable for a social gathering.

 See how Zones converted a courtyard into an impressive hideaway for $89,000.

What are my decking options on a high-end budget?

There are two hugely popular options on a high-end budget: hardwood decking or composite. Valued for their aesthetics and longevity, these decking materials are sure to please. Vitex, Kwila and Garapa are common choices - just make sure you opt for environmentally certified products. Otherwise, composite decking can be found across an increasing number of New Zealand properties. It’s an eco-friendly option which is also very easy to maintain.

Hardwood decking pricing starts from:

$690* per m2, installed (excludes groundworks).

Composite decking pricing starts from:

$630* per m2, installed (excludes groundworks).

How much will it cost to install an outdoor wood burner or pizza oven?

Enhance the attraction of your outdoor room in the winter by installing an outdoor wood fireplace. High-end fireplaces can be purchased from $10,000*, but for something truly unique, talk to a landscaping specialist about having a bespoke fireplace designed to perfectly suit your space. Pizza ovens can also be purchased within the same price range, some coming complete with built-in table space and accessories.

High-end outdoor wood burner/pizza oven pricing starts from:

$10,000* (excludes installation)

outdoor pizza oven project

What are my furniture options on a high-end budget?

If the sky’s the limit when it comes to your budget, nothing should stop you from enjoying comfortable furniture that perfectly matches your style. Custom made furniture will allow you to achieve measurements, colours and styles that complement your outdoor room, while built-in seating will provide added ambience and space.

Custom furniture pricing starts from:

Prices vary but will usually exceed $2,000* per item.

outdoor furniture high end

If an outdoor room with decking, a louvre roof, an outdoor fireplace, artificial turf and a spa area sounds like you, check out this landscaping project in Westmere.


Please note: *Costs are rough estimates and are subject to change. For a fixed-quote accurate to your specific project, please consult your local Zones landscaping specialist. All Zones franchises are independently owned and operated. 



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