How to Design a Low-Maintenance Landscape in Auckland Central: Tips and Tricks

Low maintenance landscape

If you think weekends are for relaxing, reading, or heading off for an adventure, then you need a low maintenance garden! Forget endless weeding, mulching, and mowing – with a low maintenance garden design, you’re free to spend your time how you really want.

As Auckland landscaping specialists we have brought simple garden ideas to life for countless homeowners – and given them back their weekends! Whether you’re looking for plants for small spaces, xeriscaping ideas, or the most cost-effective landscaping solutions, our experts are here to help. 

Need inspiration? Read on to discover our landscape design tips and tricks in this mini guide to low maintenance gardens.

Mix Materials for Hardscaping Solutions in Auckland Central

Hardscaping can be a hero when it comes to a maintenance free garden, but if you’re worried about things looking too clinical, then mixing your materials is the way to go. No one wants a concrete jungle, so combining a mix of materials in your fencing, decking, paving, and seating will add visual interest to your backyard without the fuss of endless flowerbeds. Combined with low maintenance hedges and plants, your outdoor living area will be beautiful without being a slave to the watering can!

This Remuera backyard is an excellent example of a contemporary garden design that mixed an aluminium pergola, wooden decking, planting, and pebbles to create a stylish and sophisticated space the owners love.

low maintenance living in Auckland Central
Building a Stylish and Sophisticated Outdoor Living Area in Remuera, Auckland

Choose Drought Tolerant Plants for Auckland Central Climate

Watering once (or more!) a day in the height of summer can become very tedious for even the keenest of gardeners. Plus, many homeowners are keen for sustainable landscaping solutions, which includes reducing water use. Choosing drought resistant plants is the smart way to keep your garden looking lush while being low maintenance.

Lavender, hydrangea, creeping thyme, and eryngium are all low maintenance outdoor plants that add pops of colour, while New Zealand natives such as flax, proteas, manuka, astelia, and coprosma are also beautiful options that are well adapted to dry conditions. 

Spa pool immersed in native NZ planting
Building a Lush Spa Retreat in St. Heliers, Auckland

Try Your Hand at Xeriscaping

If you’re missing a green thumb, don’t have time for weeding and watering, or perhaps champion sustainable living, then xeriscaping could be your ultimate low-maintenance garden solution. 

Often practised in desert climates such as Las Vegas, xeriscaping is the practice of landscaping with minimal use of water. Thirsty lawns are replaced with rocks, mulch, or attractive hardscaping, plus plants and trees that can thrive with water provided by the natural climate.

Beyond the eco benefits, xeriscaping provides the ultimate low maintenance landscaping. This xeriscape backyard transformation in Remuera looks fantastic, while meeting the goals of the owners to be ultra-low maintenance. 

xeriscaping landscaping in Auckland
Xeriscape Landscaping for Outdoor Living in Remuera, Auckland

Choose the Right Plants for Your Auckland Central Property (and Lifestyle!)

One of the best tips for low maintenance gardening is to choose plants that suit your site. Auckland Central properties range widely – steep sites, small spaces, windy and exposed, dry, clay baked soil – so it can be hard to know what to plant! Our expert consultants can help you choose the right plants, shrubs, and trees that will flourish in your environment.

We can also help create a look you love. There’s no point planting agapanthus just because they’re suited to your soil if you prefer more modern plants. Your dedicated Landscaping Consultant can help you find a low maintenance look you love, just like this custom designed modern outdoor living area in Kohimarama that combines hard and soft landscaping.

Xeriscaped decking area
Creating a modern outdoor living area with low-maintenance landscaping in Kohimarama

Invest in a Pergola or Patio for your Auckland Central Landscape

Ditch the overgrown bushes or languishing lawn and instead create a stylish outdoor living zone that offers functional and fabulous low maintenance living without endless gardening. Consider a louvre roofing system and heating for year-round use, and large pots with feature plants to add a touch of colour or greenery.

For a stunning example of a low maintenance landscape transformation that included louvre roofing, stunning decking, and easy-care soft scaping, check out this fabulous St Helier’s transformation. Zones Landscaping Consultants have the expertise needed to capture all your garden design ideas and transform them into a beautiful and functional design. 

hardscaping and softscaping in Auckland
Creating Privacy with Sleek Landscaping in St Heliers, Auckland

Ready to take the first step toward low maintenance landscaping in Auckland Central?

Then it’s time to talk to the Auckland Central experts! Our Landscaping Consultants can help you design and install your dream low maintenance backyard. Contact Zones today to arrange a free, no obligation consultation.

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