Creating Privacy with Sleek Landscaping in St Heliers, Auckland

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Creating Privacy with Sleek Landscaping in St Heliers, Auckland\n

Kwila hardwood and a louvre roof are among the modern additions that transformed this landscape with vibrance and style.

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Planning the Transformation

Kitty’s property was spacious and bright, but it lacked the sleek amenities needed for modern living. Dreaming of a gorgeous, low-maintenance backyard, Kitty decided it was time for a complete landscape transformation. 

Reaching out to Zones, she was introduced to her local Landscaping Specialist, who evaluated the landscape's potential and began developing feasible solutions that would transform the entire section.

To achieve the main goals of the transformation, the Landscaping Specialist established a strategic design to incorporate a louvre with a fixed pergola, timber hardscaping, and subtle softscaping - all of which would breathe life into the tired landscape and require minimal maintenance.

Construction and Costing

Throughout end-to-end project management, the Landscaping Specialist liaised with Kitty to ensure she was consistently updated. Utilising their diverse network of industry professionals, the Landscaping Specialist organised all tradespeople needed, which involved eight different contractors who worked diligently to complete the project in 7 weeks. 

Although the project ran smoothly, there were unforeseen challenges, such as uncovering stormwater pipes during demolition that required urgent attention. However, the Landscaping Specialist quickly organised a drain layer to come to the site, installing the new piping without disrupting the timeline. 

The construction phase also uncovered a manhole on Kitty’s property. To protect the hidden manhole, Kitty’s Landscaping Specialist added a new boxed retaining wall to the design. With this problem solved, the landscaping team could continue with the build as planned, which came in at $140,000. 

The Lovely Louvre

Kitty wanted to create a shelter that included a louvre roof to allow for comfortable outdoor living year-round. Although it was possible, establishing the design wasn’t simple. The landscaping team were working with tricky exterior angles that required a strategic plan to achieve Kitty’s vision. 

Their creative solution was to install fixed ClearVue roofing in the corner section alongside an adjoining louvre system. This design would provide ample shelter that worked with the house’s exterior, while transparent ClearVue panels would still allow natural light to enter the lounge.

As an extension of the home, the roofing creates an additional living space that can be enjoyed year-round.

Timber Hardscaping

The timber that made up the fencing, entrance gate, and decking originally consisted of different types of wood. Now replaced by kwila, the landscape is united with vibrancy. 

Kwila timber is extremely durable - a tribute to its natural oils that allow the wood to endure harsh temperatures and weather conditions. Because it can withstand the brute of both humans and nature, kwila is a great low-maintenance timber option.

In addition to its longevity, the rich, red-brown tones of kwila wood spread warmth throughout the landscape. Wrapped around the perimeter of her property, the kwila fence not only looks wonderful, but it provides ultimate privacy from the surrounding busy suburb. 

Now, Kitty can relax within the walls of her urban oasis, without the worry of pesky upkeep or nearby neighbours.

Modern Softscaping

Contrasting the large scale of hardscaping is a delicate hint of softscaping. A soft pebble garden brings texture, and a range of planter pots subtly dot the landscape. Planted with easy-care succulents, these pots house a low-maintenance garden and establish character.

While the majority of the landscape is covered by hardscaping, it is touched by a hint of green. This colour comes through in raised terraced planter beds, which bring freshness to the modern landscape. 

Although these elements of softscaping are simple additions to the landscape, they work perfectly to bring the entire property together. 

Final Thoughts

Thanks to Zone’s 5 step process and the diligence of the landscaping team, Kitty’s backyard has been transformed into a modern masterpiece. She can now sit back, relax, and enjoy the comfort of her new landscape, which provides privacy and year-round shelter.

With a sleek landscape design and creative solutions extending into all corners, it’s no wonder that everyone involved is thoroughly impressed by the end result.

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This project was completed in
June 2021
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Project description
An entire landscape transformation
Auckland Central
New Zealand
Project duration
7 weeks
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Discovering stormwater piping and a manhole
Interesting aspects
Strategically designed louvre and ClearVue roofing
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