Deck balustrades maximise your view

ARTICLE Noel Priestly

Optimising the outlook from the deck, and family safety, are typically the two most important factors to consider when choosing a new deck balustrade.

The good news is all new balustrade styles available today must conform to NZ barrier-from-falling safety standards, which have become even tougher in the last couple of years. This means all styles of Provista Balustrade Systems solutions are safe as a barrier whether it be a powder-coated aluminium baluster, framed, semi-frameless, or fully frameless glass style.

For a great sea view, obviously one of the glass styles would provide the least obscured outlook. Provista framed glass styles include structural posts, then a top (or handrail) and lower rail with the glass inserted into both the top and bottom rails.

The Provista semi-frameless styles can simply be structural posts alone, with the glass inserted between them. This provides a near un-obscured outlook, but at a competitive price. A top rail can be added if preferred, to create more definition of the balustrade structure. It is sometimes preferred to have some visual structure so children or pets easily see it when they are on the deck.

Finally, the most un-obstructed outlook is provided by fully frameless glass. The glass is structural in this application, and thicker in grade, and is A-grade toughened safety glass, as is all glass for the different styles above. Typical fixing methods include stainless steel point fixing (or stand-off disks as they’re sometimes called), stainless steel spigots (mini-posts), or aluminium channel styles.

From a cost perspective, the general rule is ‘the less you see, the higher the cost’, so a fully frameless solution will be the higher investment. This is due to still requiring hardware and fittings, but also the requirement for thicker toughened glass.

Provista Balustrade Systems are NZ’s leading independent provider of safe, innovative and attractive balustrades, pool fencing, and privacy screening solutions using aluminium, stainless steel and glass materials, that complement all home and landscape styles, whether classical or modern.

Provista is also one of the most up-to-date balustrade and pool-fencing specialists when it comes to NZ standards compliance.

Their solutions are NZ designed and produced, for NZ conditions, using only the highest grades of aluminium, stainless steel and glass for a unique and demanding climate, and to ensure the strongest and safest solutions for you and your family.

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This expert advice by Noel Priestly featured on page 39 of Issue 010 of New Zealand Renovate Magazine . New Zealand's first and only magazine solely dedicated to home renovations.

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