Top Tips - Outdoor Pool's Maintenance

Article: Barrier Reef Pool’s

Salt & Chlorine Water Maintenance

It is important to regularly check the water balance of your pool throughout the year – even when the pool is not being used. Regularly checking the water balance of your pool will reduce cost spent on chemicals and prevent your pool turning green. Regular maintenance will keep your pool looking pristine all year round.

During the Summer it is recommended to run your filtration system for a minimum of 8 hours or more per day, depending on pool size to keep your pool healthy. To ensure the effective running of your filtration system, it is important to keep the water level at least halfway up the skimmer box to prevent the pump from running dry.

Electric Robotic Pool Cleaners can be used to scrub the floors and walls of your pool up to the waterline. Once they have completed their cycle, simply empty their basket and you’re good to go again! Brooming and vacuuming the pool regularly is a good way to keep the pool clean. 

Pool Cover

A bubble cover will allow light to penetrate the cover and heat to remain in the pool. Thermal outdoor covers retain heat that is already in the pool and will not allow light through. Using the cover on the pool during the Summer to reduce water and chemical evaporation from the pool. When heating the pool during the swimming season the cover should be used to help increase the water temperature and retain the heat in the pool.

During the swimming season ensure you remove your cover approximately 30 minutes prior to swimming to allow chlorine build up to disperse. 

Heat pump – Getting the best efficiency out of your heat pump

Placing the cover on the pool at night time during the swim season will ensure heat gained from the heat pump and sunlight is kept in the pool. Place your cover on the pool when heating the pool to increase the temperature of the pool and prevent heat loss.

Heat pumps rely on ambient air temperature of approximately 190C to work effectively at heating the pool. As the temperatures during the Winter/early Spring season do not often reach 190C, the heat pump may not run efficiently. 

Winter Care – Recommendations

  • We recommend you keep your pool filtration system running for at least 2-3 hours per day during Winter, (depending on the size of the pool and climate).
  • It is not recommended to leave your cover on during Winter. This may cause chemical build up underneath the cover which can damage the quality of the cover making it brittle. The assumption is made that placing the cover on the pool during Winter prevents debris from getting into the pool – this is not always the case. Debris and insects (particularly worms) are usually able to get into the pool. The cover will prevent you from being able to see if any objects such as insects, pool toys, & leaves have fallen into the pool potentially blocking your skimmer box. 
  • Regularly check the water balance of your pool during the non-swimming season to prevent the pool from going “green” and spending more money on chemicals to return to a “swimmable” state.
  • If adding a copper-based algaecide to Winterise a salt water pool ALWAYS turn off your salt chlorinator for the Winter. Copper-based algaecides can cause a chemical reaction with salt chlorinators which can stain your pool and damage your salt chlorinator cell plates.
  • Check the skimmer basket is clean of debris and blockages to allow the water to flow through the pump system effectively. If there is a build of debris and blockages in the skimmer basket water flow can be reduced risking the pump running dry.

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