Swimming Pool Contractors in Auckland Central: What to Expect When Designing a Pool

Poolscape with planting and lawn

Swimming pools are the ultimate outdoor accessory; if you didn’t have one of your own growing up, you’d try to make fast friends with someone who did! Now as an adult, before you bring your childhood dream to life, there’s a few things you need to consider first. Let’s break it down to help you decide what type of pool is best, so you can enjoy a stress-free pool installation in Auckland

Decide on a pool design

Inground vs above ground

Inground pools have a longer lifespan than above ground pools, but excavation makes them more expensive to build. However, inground pools are more likely to add value to your property, making the initial investment easier to justify. Alternatively, without the costly excavation, above ground pools are relatively affordable and quick to install, making them an excellent option to get you swimming as soon as possible. 

Spa pools and plunge pools

Don’t count your property out just because it’s small. There are plenty of excellent speciality models available for smaller properties that are beautiful and highly functional. Plunge pools are deep enough to immerse yourself completely and big enough for built-in seating, but they don't take up much space with an average size of just 2x6 metres. Then there are the ever popular spa pools. Able to seat anywhere from 2-10 adults, they are perfect for socialising or creating a relaxing retreat. 

Resort style poolscape

Different types of pools materials

Fibreglass pools in Auckland are a great cost-effective option and there is plenty of choice when it comes to shapes and sizes. If you want to customise fibreglass, that’s when it gets more expensive. 

Concrete pools,on the other hand, are highly customisable. Due to their bespoke nature, concrete pools require a heavy initial investment, but can last upwards of 50 years and are extremely durable in comparison to vinyl or fibreglass. 

Regardless of which material you choose, you can typically pick the colour that you want. Through clever design and smart planning, colour can help take your swimming pool from basic to high end resort-style, right in your backyard. 

resort style swimming pool
Creating a resort-style backyard in Mount Eden, Auckland

Pools equipment and accessories

Saltwater or chlorine?

Despite their name, saltwater pools also contain chlorine – not as much as is used in chlorine pools, but just enough to aid sanitisation. As a result, saltwater pools are softer on skin, eyes, and hair and won’t damage swimsuits. The lower chlorine levels are also ideal for non-porous pool materials like vinyl and fibreglass that naturally inhibit algae growth.

For porous materials, like concrete, which need the extra chemical kick for a clean aquatic environment, chlorine is the way to go. Though chlorine has a harsher feel, it can treat water in lower temperatures and is initially cheaper than salt. 


If you plan to use your pool year-round, heating is a must. Solar covers, solar rings, and swim-safe solar liquid are cost-effective ways to harness the sun’s energy to heat your pool. Larger pools will require a more robust system such as heat pumps or gas heaters to effectively warm and cool.

Surrounding poolscape

Whether it’s a chic cabana-inspired poolscape or a family-friendly backyard, no pool is complete without an area to hang out in style. But designing a functional pool landscape requires a lot of expertise and finesse, so we recommend enlisting help from a professional outdoor designer

Social dining area beside pool

Regulations and safety requirements

For swimming pool installation in Auckland, you may need to apply for building and resource consent depending on your property and project specs. When working with Zones, your Landscaping Consultant can handle the process on your behalf so you don’t need to deal with council headaches. But one thing you can’t (and shouldn’t) avoid during swimming pool installation is safety. Swimming pool regulations across New Zealand require all pools to have restricted access, whether it’s via trellis, mesh or aluminium fence, glass balustrade or otherwise. To learn more about Auckland Council swimming pool regulations, visit their website. 

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